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Technology Architecture &
Ultimo – Sydney
Reporting to:
Infrastructure Development Team
Leader (Networks , Desktops)
Position Title:
Network Engineer
To complete assigned data network projects either individually or as part of team. Support and develop
data network management systems and standards.
Key Accountabilities:
1. Co-ordinate development and maintenance projects relating to the ABC’s data network. Specifically this will involve
Development of new data network solution designs to meet the changing needs of the ABC
Implementation of new data network solutions
Provision of consultation services to data network clients on network issues
Creation of appropriate project, client and network documentation.
2. Assist other members of the team, less experienced staff and staff from other infrastructure disciplines on network
related issues relating to projects.
3. Keep abreast of trends in the IT industry and provide input to the development of the ABC data network in order to
provide an optimum service to ABC clients.
4. Ensure that all project work is implemented in compliance with the relevant TA&D policies, including architectural
and security standards.
5. Actively promote the ABC values and apply all relevant workplace policies and guidelines.
6. All ABC staff are required to cooperate with any reasonable instruction, procedure or policy relating to safety, and
take reasonable care for their own safety and that of other persons who may be affected by their conduct while at
work. Additional WHS responsibilities apply to Managers and Supervisors, Divisional Directors and Other Officers
Key Capabilities/Qualifications/Experience:
1. Tertiary qualifications in a data and/or voice communications related field and/or extensive relevant industry
2. Approximately 4-5 yrs experience in the design, development, implementation, management and support of data
communications networks of similar size and technology to the ABC data network; specifically this requires
experience in Ethernet and TCP/IP, and data networking devices such as Cisco switches, routers and firewalls.
3. Sound knowledge of data network management, support systems and network standards
4. Experience in co-ordinating projects to deliver to standards, on time and on budget in a complex business and
technical environment of similar size and configuration to the ABC. Familiarity with ITIL and standard project
management methodologies along with time tracking and project reporting environments is essential.
5. Well developed oral and written communication skills; able to communicate complex network technology concepts
to non-technical staff.
6. Ability to mentor and coach less experienced technical staff.
An understanding of and commitment to the ABC’s aims, values and workplace policies.