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Alice practices spelling words using a sand tray to aid in remembering how
the word is spelled.
What is kinesthetic learning, and why does it help my child?
Hands-on learning boosts
long-term memory!
Kinesthetic learning is learning
while using manipulatives, such as
buttons to represent each sound in a
word or each syllable in a long
word. It may also refer to large
body movement that help a child
remember how to form a letter
Dyslexic individuals benefit from
these hands on methods that use as
many of the senses as possible
because they provide a physical
Where do my
child’s spelling
words come from?
experience, not just a mental one.
This stimulates a different type of
memory, muscle memory, which can
help the dyslexic person remember
language information which is
otherwise difficult for them to recall.
she says the letters aloud. (One of
my students used my dog to trace on
and they both loved it!) Have your
child “airplane write” the sight word
as they say it orally.
How can kinesthetics be
used at home?
What is a phonogram?
When practicing spelling words
or going through drill ring, have
your child use two fingers to trace
the letters on the table or on an
interesting textured object as he or
is the smallest unit of sound in our
A phonogram
words. There are 44
phonograms, or sounds, in U.S.
English words.
Mrs. Hall custom writes each spelling list to include words from the level of OrtonGillingham scope and sequence that your child’s small group is currently working on.
The drill ring phonogram cards and spelling generalization cards will have the facts,
and the spelling words provide the application of those facts. The sight word comes
from the master list of O-G sight words included in each level. The tutors are weave
the spelling and sight word into the tutoring lessons to further strengthen the
connections we are making between the written spelling rules and using those rules.