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Spelling Homework Menu
1. Write all your words as
Ladder words.
1. Create a Crossword
Puzzle using 10 spelling
2. Write each word in a
secret code. Remember to
include a key for your
2. Write Tongue Twisters
for all your words.
3. Write the dictionary
definition of each word.
3. Write each word and
highlight all the vowels.
4. Create Funny Excuses
using each of your words.
2. Write a Commercial
using all your spelling
3. Write a letter to a
character using all your
spelling words.
4. Create a Multiple
Choice Spelling Quiz using
all your words.
4. Write each work in
your best cursive
5. Use a mirror to write
your spelling words
Side Dishes
1. Write a poem with a
minimum of 7 spelling
1. Create a Word Search
using all your spelling
2. Create “Ransom Words”
by cutting out letters from
the newspaper to form
your words.
3. Write your words in
ABC order, 3 times each,
using a different color pen
each time.
4. Sort your words by part
of speech: noun, verb,
adjective, etc.