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Benson Hospital is committed to work with our patients and their families to provide a safe and
comfortable environment. We would like your stay at Benson Hospital to be as safe as possible. Here
are some general tips to prevent falls. Please consult your nurse if you have any questions.
 Please call for assistance when you need to get out of bed. Some medications may have side
effects that make you feel dizzy or weak.
 Rise slowly from lying or sitting position. Dangle your feet before walking and sit down
immediately if you feel dizzy.
 Please wear the provided non-skid slippers or shoes with rubber soled bottoms when up.
 Please use only unmoving objects to help steady yourself. Don’t use your IV pole, tray table,
wheelchair, or other objects that can move. These items have wheels and could roll away from
 Use the call bell for any item beyond your reach.
 Please be aware of tubing, such as oxygen, catheters, etc. that may interfere with walking. By
calling for assistance, staff can assist you and keep you safe.
 Walk close to the wall and use handrails in the bathroom. Use the bathroom emergency light, if
 Report spills or unsafe conditions to your healthcare team immediately.
 If you wear glasses or hearing aides at home, please use them while in the hospital as well.
It is our goal to round hourly from 6am to 10pm and every two (2) hours from 10pm to 6 am to see if
you need assistance to the bathroom, are in pain, are in a comfortable position and have all of the
items you may need within your reach. It is our goal to respond to your call light timely and address
any needs you may have.
We are committed to preventing you from suffering a fall while in the hospital.
Care Team: ___________________________
I am committed to keeping myself safe while in the hospital, and agree to follow fall precautions.
Patient: _______________________________
Date: _______________