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How to choose Repertoire
A presentation about using repertoire as a
teaching tool in the choir classroom.
Original Assignment
Education 373- Secondary Literacy
Textbook Assessment Assignment
Choir textbook?
Textbook evaluation form
Other test, CLOZE etc.
Philosophy of Teaching
My Assignment
Table Headings:
Practical Considerations
Target Audience
Learning Aids
Cultural Appreciation
Musical Elements
Practical Considerations
The piece is organized clearly
The length of the piece is an appropriate level for the students.
The modulations are clear and teachable to the students.
The piece is in good condition and reprints are available.
The piece could be used to teach one or more of the National
Standards in Music Education.
The piece is printed with no mistakes and is easy to read.
If yes, the accompaniment part is playable and well written.
If no, the piece includes a choral reduction for rehearsal
Target Audience
The text has themes that the students can relate
The piece requires age appropriate vocal technique.
The style of the pieces represents the genre for which
it was written.
The piece has teachable concepts (i.e. rhythms,
modulations, polyphonic texture, melismas, etc)
The piece is known and respected as a choral work.
The musical skills needed to perform the piece are within the
ability of the students.
The text of the piece has depth and is enhanced by the music.
The piece is in a language that is known or teachable to the
There are clear musical directions in the score.
Learning Aids
The verses and/or sections are clearly labeled.
If the piece is in a foreign language it should contain
repeated words to ease the learning curve.
The piece will require the students to think critically about
the text and what the composer meant to communicate.
The piece will challenged the students to gain new musical
The piece will inspire the students to give an
exceptional performance.
Cultural Appreciation
The piece is a good example of a musical style.
The piece represents, authentically, the cultural style
for which it was written.
The text of the piece tells a story that can be cross- or
The piece provides variety/contrast to the other pieces that
are being taught.
The piece expands the musical and cultural
experiences for the students.
Musical Elements
The piece does not employ musical elements that distract
from the overall message.
The piece has sections that can be used for sight
reading practice.
The piece has rhythms that are challenging but
accessible for the students.
The piece is contrasting to other pieces the students are
The vocal range of the piece is within the students
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