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Complete the worksheet on Greek
• Then go to the back of the paper and right
down some brief notes about the Greek gods
in the chart. (Prefer you use pencils. Extras in
the cup with the worksheet)
• Use the following Greek gods:
Ancient Greece
Standard(s) WHI.5a-5g
The student will demonstrate knowledge of ancient Greece in terms of
its impact on Western civilization by
b) describing Greek mythology and religion;
Greek mythology
Based on polytheistic religion
Offered explanations of natural phenomena, human qualities, and life
Greek gods and goddesses
Zeus, Hera, Apollo, Artemis, Athena, Aphrodite
Symbols and images in Western literature, art, and architecture
Welcome to the Greek God Campaign!
Exit Ticket
1. Describe one of the Greek gods that was
presented besides your own.
2. Analyze at least 2 ways Greek mythology had
an influence on Western (OUR) culture.
3. Compare one of the Greek gods to one of the
Egyptian gods, Sumerian gods, or Yahweh.