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Mass movement (landslides)
Create a pocket in science journals
to hold rapid forces info card
Mass movement is the downhill movement
of rock and soil because of gravity.
Mudslides and landslides can change
landforms quickly.
Creep occurs slowly – so slowly that
changes in landforms are hard to notice.
Sinkholes are large holes in the ground that
open suddenly after rock under the surface
has dissolved or become weak.
An earthquake is a shaking of the ground
caused by the sudden release of energy in
Earth’s crust.
A destructive force that, when powerful
enough, can cause large amounts
of damage to land and
A volcano is a mountain formed by lava and ash.
◦ Lava is magma that reaches the earth’s surface.
The Hawaiian Islands are the tops
of a chain of volcanoes that
formed in the middle of the
Pacific Ocean.
Volcanoes can create new land
when they erupt, as well as
destroy the land around it.
(both constructive and destructive)
Add notes to the “Volcano” info card about
how volcanoes can create/destroy land