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Emerging Technologies
Making it Possible
• Agriculture Technology is an Applied Science.
• It has expanded at a rapid rate since the
beginning of recorded history.
• “Snowball Effect”- Growth
Global Positioning System
- Technology that uses satellites to view specific
fields and crops
- How is works demonstration.
- NOW we are not concerned with the (Amount
of land) but the quality of land
- 1 field can contain 3 or 4 different soil types
- Differ in: fertility, drainage, organic content,
nitrogen level
- Instead of making a cure for 1 field we can treat
different parts of a field differently using the GPS
Genetic Engineering
The practice of modifying the heredity of an
organism by inserting new genes from other
organism into the recipient organisms
chromosome structure.
• Transfer a Single Gene
• Transfer to a totally unrelated plant
• Making Hybrid from plants that cannot be cross
• Producing disease=resistant plants
• Producing plants that are toxic to insects but not
• Producing crops that are tolerant of herbicides.
Gene Splicing
• Gene Mapping- The process of finding and
recording the location of genes in a
• Gene Splicing- The process of removing a gene
from its location on a chromosome and
replacing it with another gene
Process of creating
genetically identical organisms
Cloning Plants
Tissue Culture=
The development of roots, stems, and leaves
from callus tissue using a solution containing
nutrients and hormones.
Embryo Splitting
Form of cloning that is accomplished by dividing
a growing embryo into equal parts using a
surgical procedure performed with the aid of a
Embryo Transfer
Procedure for placing living embryos obtained
from a donor animal into the reproductive
tract of a recipient female animal.
Gender Selection
Ability toe control the sex of offspring at the
time of a parents mate
How is Gender Selection Possible?
Sperm-Sexing Procedure
• Difference between X and Y sperm is their
DNA content.
– An instrument called flow cytometer can identify X
& Y sperm after being treated with a fluorescent
To insert or to graft
The process of making something greater,
as in size, extent, or quantity
A substance, produced by one tissue and
conveyed by the bloodstream to another to
effect physiologcal activity,
Cultivation of plants in nutrient solution rather
than in soil.
The offspring of genetically dissimilar parents or
stock, especially the offspring produced by
breeding plants or animals of different
varieties, species, or races
Bovine Somatotropin
Is a peptide hormone produced by the cow's
pituitary gland
Host is an organism that harbors a parasite
Deoxyribonucleic Acid
containing the genetic instructions used in the
development and functioning of all known
living organisms
effective and economical method of
weed and pest control