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Raul M
What is the function of the spleen?
• A) Filters blood and stores large amounts
of red blood cells
• B) Exchange of oxygen and carbon
dioxide in the cells
• C) Transportation of excess tissue fluid to
the general circulation
• D) Production of T-lymphocytes, red blood
cells and enzymes
Which of the following statements
about hand-washing is true?
• A) You don’t need to wash your hands if
you wear gloves
• B) You must use an antimicrobial soap to
be effective
• C) Wash hands for a minimum of 5
• D) Wash hands immediately after touching
body fluids or secretions
Lymph acts as an intermediary
between the blood in the capillaries and
tissues, and carries digested food,
oxygen and:
A) Platelets to the cells
B) Hormones to the cells
C) Carbon dioxide to the cells
D) Erythrocytes to the cells
What is the single most effective
way to prevent the spread of
• A) Hand-washing
• B) Staying home when you have any
respiratory infection
• C) Wearing gloves
• D) Covering your mouth when you cough
The system working with the
lymphatic system to remove waste
and excess fluid from the tissues is
A) Circulatory system
B) Reproductive system
C) Integumentary system
D) Skeletal system
What is the medical term for the
watery fluid inside lymphatic
A) Blood
B) Lymph
C) Plasma
D) Serum
The largest lymphatic vessel is the:
A) Aorta
B) Thoracic duct
C) Tonsil
D) Vena cava
Tonsils are located in the:
A) Ears
B) Eyes
C) Throat
D) Stomach
Clusters of lymph nodes are
located in the:
A) Neck
B) Brain
C) Lung
D) Thigh
A form of cancer of the lymph
nodes, what disease is usually
characterized by painless swelling
of the lymph nodes?
A) Tonsillitis
B) Hodgkin’s disease
C) Infectious mononucleosis
D) Ruptured spleen
Standard precautions are
guidelines to be used when you
expect to have contact with another
A) Clothes
B) Sweat
C) Blood
D) Skin
The body’s ability to resist
pathogens and foreign materials
and the diseases they cause is
A) Anaphylaxis
B) Immunity
C) Inflammatory process
D) Phagocytosis
In tonsillitis, one would expect to
find what symptom?
A) Difficulty swallowing
B) Yellow nasal drainage
C) Splenomegaly
D) Diarrhea
Health care workers should never:
• A) Use mouthpieces when resuscitating a
• B) Recap used needles
• C) Carry soiled linens away from the body
• D) Discard single use patient care