Download Religion: Islam Founder/Date: Muhammad in 622 C.E. or A.D. 622

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Religion: Islam
Founder/Date: Muhammad in 622 C.E. or A.D. 622 (your choice!)
Place of Origination: Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Text: Qu’ran (Koran), Hadith
Location in the world: See map. Draw on your map. Choose a color and color in the areas of
the Eastern Hemisphere which are mostly Muslim today. Use the map displayed to help you.
1. The word Islam means submission. Muslims believe that one must submit to Allah (God).
2. The Five Pillars (Duties) of Islam include:
a. Shahada-Daily confession of faith
b. Salat-Daily ritual prayer which is performed five times per day. Prayers are made
facing the Kabaa shrine in Mecca.
c. Zakat-Paying the alms tax. Alms is money or food which is given to the poor and
d. Sawm-Fasting or going without food and drink during daylight hours and during the
month of Ramadan.
e. Hajj-What’s this? Do you remember?
Holidays and Festivals (meaning behind them):
1. Ramadan-Considered a holy month, it celebrates the time when Muhammad received the
word of Allah. A traditional greeting during Ramadan is “Ramadan Mubarak” or “May God give
you a blessed month.” The reply is “Ramadan Karim” or “May God give you a generous
2. Id Al-Fitr or Eid al-Fitr (Arabic for "Festival of the Breaking of the Fast")-Marks the end of
Ramadan and is celebrated for three days. A witness declares that the new moon has been
seen and that Ramadan is over.
3. 'Id Al-Adha or Eid al-Adha (Arabic ‫األ ضحى دعي‬, "Festival of the Sacrifice")-Lasts for four days
and occurs at the end of the Muslim hajj. It begins the day after Muslims on their hajj descend
from Mt. Arafat. This festival takes place during the last month of the Islamic calendar.