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Please see a summary of media coverage for this week which lists 218 pieces of coverage comprising
65 pieces of newspaper coverage of which 1 is from International publications, 17 pieces are
from National newspapers and 18 pieces are from Devon & Cornwall publications.
29 pieces of broadcast coverage of which 0 are from International broadcasts, 6 are from
National broadcasts and 14 are from Devon & Cornwall broadcasts.
124 pieces of on-line coverage of which 14 are International, 33 are National and 43 are
from Devon & Cornwall.
The Economist and published an article about University funding models
across the world included quotes from Vice-Chancellor Steve Smith.
Al Jazeera English and published an article by Ghada Karm (IAIS) examining the issue
of freedom of speech and the state of Israel. reported on an environmental dataset used to help scientists improve the lives of
hay fever sufferers, quoting Nick Osborne (Medical School / European Centre for Environment and
Human Health) who was part of the team involved., The Times, The Herald, Congoo News,, 6 Minutes,, The Daily
Mail,, Gezondheidsnet,,, , Medical Daily,,, PA News Wire , Mid Devon Star, This is the West Country, Escience News, Big
News Network, Guernsey Press, This is Jersey,,, Science Daily, Press
& Journal (Aberdeen) , The Scotsman, Yorkshire Post , Daily Star Scotland, The Times Ireland, and, Science 2.0, Women's Health,,,, Capital
Bay, Tv3 (Ireland), and Shape Magazine reported research by Alan Barker (Sport and Health
Sciences) and colleagues which revealed that short bouts of high-intensity exercise before a fatty
meal are best for vascular health.
The Times Of India, Vice, Knoxville Times, Vancouver Desi, The Independent , The Press (York) , The
Sunday Times, The Plymouth Daily, Express and Echo, , Big News Network, Britain News,
Western Morning News, PA News Wire , medical News Today,,, The Exeter
Daily, , Science Daily, The Irish Examiner, HT Syndication, Torquay Herald Express,
EurekAlert!, North Devon Journal, The Daily Mail, , The Sun , Yorkshire Post , The
Herald, Press & Journal (Aberdeen) , Scottish Daily Mail, Guernsey Press, The Sun Northern Ireland ,
This is Jersey, East Anglian Daily Times, Eastern Daily Press home,,, ,,, Digital Journal, and 48 other media outlets quoted William Gaze
(Medical School/European Centre for Environment and Human Health) in a report of about his
research which found U.K. residents swimming in coastal waters may ingest resistant E. Coli. The
findings were also reported on BBC Radio Cornwall, BBC 1 South West Spotlight, BBC Radio Devon,
BBC Breakfast, and LBC News.
CBS news, Prensa Latina,, ScienceNewsline, EurekAlert!,,, Escience News,,, ThinkProgress, American Live
Wire,, Headlines & Global News, Science Daily, and reported
research by Tim Lenton (Geography) and colleagues which confirmed that the build-up of
greenhouse gases provides additional warming to the global temperature. published an article by N. Janardhan (IAIS) concerning the Israeli elections and
public opinion there regarding Benjamin Netanyahu., The New Indian Express, The Economic Times, Business Standard, Pune Mirror, The
Hans India, and The Pioneer quoted Philip Schwyzer (English) in an article about calls for William
Shakespeare’s remains to be exhumed to learn more about the life of the famed English playwright. reported that the Hubble Telescope had determined the colour of distant
planet for first time, quoted Frederic Pont (Astrophysics). quoted Adrian Taylor (Sport and Health Science) in an article concerning the health
benefits of walking.
An article in about Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and the conflict in Yemen
included a quote from Fernando Carvajal (IAIS). quoted Jason Reifler (Politics) in an article concerning vaccination sceptics. published an article concerning prospects for future human long-term evolution
which included quotes from Paul Johnston (Greenpeace Laboratories, Biosciences).
The Daily Mail,, Georgia Newsday, and Capital Bay quoted Mathew White
(Medical School/European Centre for Environment and Human Health) regarding his research
finding that the more trees on your road, the lower your risk of depression.
Our press release regarding Kate Littler (CSM) and her research in the prehistoric past in the hope of
discovering how future climate change will impact the formidable Indian monsoon was given to the
Kate Littler (CSM) was quoted in reports by The Exeter Daily, Exeter Express and Echo, Hindustan
Times ePaper, e! Science News,, South Asian Media Net, Headline News
Today, regarding research in the prehistoric past in the hope of discovering how future
climate change will impact the formidable Indian monsoon.
Lars Johanning (Renewable Energy Group) was quoted in This is Cornwall, The West Briton, and
Western Morning News reports regarding the prospect of more testing devices on the FaBTest site.
Kevin Gaston (ESI) was quoted in a Falmouth Packet report concerning a visit by 100 year ten
students to the ESI.
Express & Echo reported that the commercial operations team at the University entering their
licensed premises for the Best Bar None accreditation.
Andrew Massey (Politics) was interviewed on BBC Radio Summerset about the impact of the TV
Leader debates.
Contract Flooring Journal reported research into the impact of trends in insulation on asthma suffers
by Richard Sharpe (Medical School / European Centre for Environment and Human Health) and
A Materials World report into the use of biocomposites included a quote from Luke Savage. quoted Fiona Mathews' (Biosciences) in an article about factors that might
influence a baby’s gender. and PopularResistance.Org both quoted Karen Anderson (ESI) in reports about plastics
pollution in the oceans.