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Officers of the College
Professor Hamid Al Naimiy
Professor Suleiman El Sharif Dean College of Pharmacy
Professors: Suleiman El Sharif, Abdel Nasser El-Shorbagi, Taleb Al Tel
Associate Professors: Raafat El-Awady, Iman Saad, Abdel Moula Ragab Abdel Karim, Mohammad
Harb Semreen
Assistant Professors: Osama Mohamed Ibrahim, Mohamed Haider
Hany Omar, Mohamad El Gamal (Visiting), Mariam Ali Hassan
Lecturers: Sanah Hasan, Manal Mohammad AL Sha’rawy, Shireen Audeh, Rana M. Ibra
him, Amira Mahrous, Hamadeh Tarazi, Sachin Chaudhary
Adjunct Faculty: Marwa Donia, Ola Ghaleb
Clinical Tutors: Mena Almallah, Ahd Bakri El-Nosh, Razan Basim Al Humaidi, Chefaa Al Hourani, Dana Hilal, Rama Samir
Sawsan Al-Kabissi
Khawla Alnaqbi
Administration Assistant
Administration Assistant
Amal Al Hadrami Farman Khan
College Secretary
Lab Supervisor
Lab Supervisor
Nabeel Baniodeh
Mohammed Mazhar
IT Lab Supervisor
Contact Information
College of Pharmacy Building M-23
College of Pharmacy
Administrative Support Staff
Medical and Health Sciences Campus
University City
Sharjah, UAE
The Bachelor of Pharmacy program offered in the College of Pharmacy is fully accredited by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHSER).
The College of Pharmacy at the University of Sharjah was established in 2004, and since its inauguration, the College
has witnessed and continues to make substantial strides in its academic and infrastructural development. The first
batch of students graduated in 2009.
The vision of the College of Pharmacy is to achieve excellence in pharmaceutical education, research and services to
society and profession and to be recognized in the region for offering a comprehensive pharmacy program of the highest quality that prepares students to meet the health challenges of today and tomorrow.