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Interpersonal Communication Skills
The College of Pharmacy graduate will recognize and value communication as a tool for negotiating and creating new
understanding, interacting with others and furthering their own learning.
1. Communicate effectively and professionally with patients, families, and other members of the healthcare team for
the benefit of the patient and community.
2. Use effectively relevant and appropriate technologies to enhance learning, communication, and problem solving.
Evidence-Based Practice and Lifelong Learning
By the time of graduation the College of Pharmacy graduate should be able to:
1. Take evidence-based decisions based on a regular practice of searching, criticizing, appraising and assimilating
evidence from scientific studies related to rational use of medications in prevention and management of diseases.
2. Demonstrate transition from dependent to active self-directed learner and use appropriate learning activities to
ensure personal and professional development.
Effective, Safe and Economic Pharmaceutical Care
1. Co-operate with patients and other professionals in designing, implementing and monitoring a therapeutic plan
that will produce specific therapeutic safe outcomes for the patient.
2. Revise the patient’s list of drug-related problems and refer them to health care professionals when appropriate.
Principles of Research Methods
The University of Sharjah, pharmacy graduate will be able to:
1. Create new knowledge and understanding through the process of research and inquiry
2. Apply principles and ethics of research methods and use results from projects or literature to propose changes
and reevaluate the problem.
College of Pharmacy
By the time of graduation the College of Pharmacy graduate should be able to:
Program Effectiveness
The program evaluation process at the College of Pharmacy is part of the ethos of the College and embedded in all its
educational activities. In this regard the committee of “Program Evaluation and Educational Quality Assurance” ensures
that the program evaluation processes and related measurement tools are implemented; results are collected, analyzed
and sent back to the curriculum committee for action.
To create an environment of common understanding about quality in education and its measurement, continuous faculty development is linked to all activities related to program evaluation and effectiveness.
Career Opportunities
Graduates from the College of Pharmacy program will be prepared to pursue careers in many fields such as community
pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, pharmaceutical industry, drug information center, research and higher education sector
as well as to seek advanced degrees in related field.
Academic Programs
The College of Pharmacy encompasses three departments: Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, and Department of Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacotherapies. The College of Pharmacy offers one program that leads to the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree (B.Pharm)