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Motor-Generator Sets
Frequency Conversion. Line Conditioning.
(MG) Sets
Motor-Generator (MG) sets provide load isolation for
computers and other sophisticated electrical systems.
They can also perform frequency conversion. Starting
with the specifications stage, we will work with you
to design a Motor-Generator while taking your entire
project into consideration, whether it is for you or
your customer. We will examine all the variables that a
reliable power system demands.
KATO™ motor-generators offer many
advantages over solid-state systems:
šš Easily maintained by electricians and/or mechanics;
no specialist required.
šš Low harmonic content on the input and output of the MG
set from no load to full linear load.
šš Complete electrical isolation.
šš High overload capability.
šš Simple, rugged construction provides tolerance to voltage
sags, spikes and noise, as well as complete isolation input
to output.
šš Self-ventilated.
šš Stationery or portable.
KATO™ MG sets are built to be reliable and durable and
to have a high tolerance to input voltage variations.
Another advantage is the separate brushless exciter on
the synchronous motor to adjust motor input power
factor independently of the generator.
šš PANEL: Designed to NEMA requirements, the panel is
usually unit-mounted but can also be free-standing or
wall-mounted. The panel will include the motor starter,
output circuit breaker, metering, protective relaying,
voltage regulator and any other required components.
šš ENCLOSURE: An open drip-proof enclosure for rotating
parts is standard with other enclosure options available.
šš MOTOR/GENERATOR: Typically a common frame with
single-shaft two-bearing horizontal construction for low
vibration and ease of maintenance.
šš STATOR: Built with silicon electrical steel laminations.
šš COILS: Film insulated copper wire vacuum-pressure
impregnated with Class H insulation.
šš ROTOR: Laminated steel with field winding of insulated
copper wire, impregnated with 100% solids resin.
šš Automatic paralleling, manually initiated or on load
šš Communication through a wide range of protocols
and standard interfaces.
šš Remote access information.
šš Weatherproof enclosures.
šš Coastal Insulation Protection (CIP) System.
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