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Organization Name
is participating in a pan-Canadian
study to improve transitions in care
Are you a cancer patient or survivor who
completed treatment in the past one to three
years? If so, you may receive a letter inviting
you to share your experiences.
You can help us improve transitions in care for
other patients and families. Your anonymous
responses will help inform recommendations to
improve the way care is provided between the
cancer care delivery system and other sectors
of the health care system providing follow-up
and supportive care.
You may be invited to participate if you are a
breast, colorectal, prostate, melanoma,
hematological or adolescent and young adult
cancer patient or survivor.
The Experiences of Cancer Patients in
Transition survey is a collaboration between
the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and
[NAME OF PARTNER], working with Ipsos, a
Canadian market research firm.
For more information about the study in
[PROVINCE] please contact: