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Survivor Study
What is this study about?
The Survivor Study is a research project about cancer survivorship. The study purpose is to
understand the physical, practical and emotional concerns of people diagnosed with cancer
who have completed treatment. The answers will help identify, inform, and improve
programs, services and resources for people affected by cancer, beyond treatment and into
the long term.
Who is eligible?
This survey is designed for people:
• aged 18 years or older
• who have been diagnosed with cancer AND who have completed their treatment.
What are we asking you to do?
Help to us to promote the study via your connections to those who have been
affected by cancer.
Inform your stakeholders about the study who may be able to help spread the word.
If appropriate, utilise marketing materials available on the website
What can you tell potential participants about the Survivor Study?
If people ask about the study, you can let them know:
• Approximately 66 per cent of Australians are surviving five years after a cancer
• Of growing importance is the need to further our understanding of the ongoing
concerns of cancer survivors and as such Cancer Council Queensland is conducting
research into the physical, practical and emotional concerns of people diagnosed and
who have completed treatment.
• The information gathered from this study will inform the development of specialised
and targeted programs, services and resources for people affected by cancer
• The survey is available online and can be accessed by visiting
• Participation is entirely voluntary and anonymous and will have no bearing on the
participant’s medical care. They can discontinue their involvement at any time.
Contact Information
Thank you for your support, if you have any questions or would like further details about this
project please contact Leah Zajdlewicz, Research Officer, on (07) 3634 5344 or email:
[email protected]