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The Explorers – Who
Were They?
The Portugese
 Borders Spain to
the east
 Western edge of
 Live in small
fishing villages
 Catholic
Want to be Rich and
 Prince Henry the Navigator
 Wanted to be the first contry
to find a sea route to Asia
 Opened a school for sea
captains to overcome fears of
the unknown
Navigational School
 Map makers: made drawings of areas with land formations and
bodies of water
 Sea captains: learned to read a map and use compass and
 Geographers: developed latitude and longitude
 Astronomers: studied the stars and planets
 Shipbuilders: built fast sailing ships that used triangular sails
New Types of Ships
 Designing New Ships
His goal was to find a route to
the rich spice trade of the Indies
and to explore the west coast of
Africa. The ships that sailed the
Mediterranean were too slow and
too heavy to make these
voyages. Under his direction, a
new and lighter ship was
developed, the caravel, which
would allow sea captains to sail
further and faster.
The Spanish
 Spain – the first European
country to explore North
 1492 - Columbus crossed
Atlantic Ocean to Caribbean
 1513 – 1543 Explored North
Why did the Spanish
 Searching for gold
 Seeking new lands to conquer for the King of Spain
 Invading villages to capture people and use them as
 Converting people to the Christian faith of the Catholic
 Striving for national pride
Warning, Warning!
 Conquistadors – welltrained soldiers for the
King of Spain
 Fears among the Native
 Afraid of horses
 Wore metal armor to
protect themselves
 Used guns, crossbows,
lances, swords, and dogs
during attacks
 Seeking the Seven Cities of
Cibola: the cities of gold
 Started expedition in Mexico
 Headed north across burning
deserts of Arizona and New
 Marched across the Great
Plains of Kansas
 Never found the Seven Cities
of Gold
Results of Exploration
The French
 1524 France began exploration in
North America
 Spain and Portugal had already
started becoming very rich by
buying and selling goods from their
new colonies and trading centers
 Spain, Portugal and France
searching for a faster cheaper trade
route to Asia
Samuel de Champlain
 In 1603 Explorations in
 Claimed Canada for the King
of France
 Renamed as New France
 Founded the city of Quebec
 Quebec became a major
trading center
 Made friends with Native
 Traded furs from Native
Americans to make coats and
hats in France
La Salle
 1668-1682 Searching for the
Northwest Passage
 Northwest Passage would take
ships across the Atlantic Ocean
to the Pacific Ocean and on to
China and India
La Salle
 Landed in Canada
 Set up fur trading centers in Montreal, Canada
 Sailed down the Ohio River
 Discovered the Great Lakes
 Sailed down the Mississippi River
 Ended at the Gulf of Mexico
It did not end well for La
Claimed land on each side of the Mississippi River for the King of
Named the land: Louisiana in honor of King Louis XIV.
Return trip to Montreal, Canada
Sailed up the Mississippi River
Made a wrong turn
Ended up in Texas
Hardships of disease and sickness
Soldiers had a revolt
Killed La Salle
Returned to Canada
The English
King Henry VII, of England, funded the first
English exploration to the New World.
Hired John Cabot because he was a good
seaman and greatly skilled navigator
John Cabot, a native Italian, sailed for
Sailed May 1497 for the New World (North
Landed on northern portion of North America,
Newfoundland or Nova Scotia
His claim gave the English the right to
establish colonies in North America.