Download Retail Amazons Dash Replenishment service allows consumers to

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 Retail Amazons Dash Replenishment service allows consumers to reorder goods without even pressing a button Brands are dedicating space in their stores to new start-­‐ups with working hubs Online retailers focusing on reuse fashion have raked in investors’ cash, different to the standard Amazon and eBay search and listing websites, which don’t work that well for purchasing fashion Why is this interesting? Consumers of all ages are moving into self-­‐improvement and entrepreneurialism, it is predicted that 600,000 new businesses will launch in 2016 compared to 440,600 in 2011 PrivCo predicts that the second hand market is growing by 6% every year Food & Drink Confectionary brands are using natural, sustainably sourced ingredients in their products More than 60% of millennials eat meat alternatives Bompas & Parr created the first cloud of G&T allowing visitors to inhale their alcohol Why is this interesting? Consumers still expect the same taste and satisfaction, but want healthier substitutions Cocktail culture is becoming more innovative Travel Equinox is launching a high-­‐end brand for people wanting to keep fit on their travels Blue smart has created new connected luggage, allows you to see your bag’s location on a map Why is this interesting? Hotels now need to start treating gyms as essentials, and fully integrate them into their offerings Beauty New trend of using superfoods as beauty products Freckles are a must have and can be added if they don’t appear naturally Solid beauty products and waterless products are starting to appear on the market Why is this interesting? Consumers are establishing a connection between how they look and what they eat Tumblr and other social media are empowering young consumers to celebrate their individualism Moving away from water based products for convenience and environmental impacts of using excessive amounts of water Health Feminine hygiene products are becoming more of a celebrated cool-­‐girl staple Growing number of exercise-­‐meets-­‐drinking-­‐events Why is this interesting? Wider culture to embrace natural products Consumers are participating in health and wellbeing in a contradictory way