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Chapter 9. 2
Greek City – State Governments
Essential Question: How do governments change?
Part 1:
What kind of government does the United States have?
The word democracy comes from the ancient Greek words demos, meaning "___________," and cracy, meaning
Define what is meant by democracy.
What other forms of government can you name?
Part 2: Other Forms of Government
After the Dark Age in Greece, three forms of government developed. Those three forms are called
Part 3: Political Changes
Changes to government in ancient Greece started with common people being dissatisfied with the ______________
running the city-states.
Why were farmers unhappy with nobles ruling?
 ___________________________________________________________________________________
 ___________________________________________________________________________________
 ___________________________________________________________________________________
Why were merchants unhappy with nobles ruling city-states?
 ___________________________________________________________________________________
 ___________________________________________________________________________________
Merchants, artisans, and small farmers wanted ______________ ____________ and a greater ____________ in
What was the first political change to happen because of this unrest?
 The common people of Greece ____________ the overthrow of the ___________ by the _____________.
 Most of the tyrants of Greek city-states ruled ____________, but _______were cruel.
Tyranny – government ruled by someone with total authority and often harshly. A tyrant obtains power illegally.
Today tyranny means __________________________.
Ruled by
Turn over
Part 4: Contrasting
How is an oligarchy different from a monarchy?
Distinguishing Fact and Opinion
Read the following statements about political changes in ancient Greece. Write whether the statements are fact or
Many of the tyrants of ancient Greece rulled fairly. _____________
Oligarchy, in which a few wealthy people hold power, is the most dangerous form of government. _______________
In a democracy, citizens hold politcal power. ___________________
Democracy is the best form of government. ____________________
Homework: Finish all the rest by tomorrow.
Part 5: Reread Chapter 9 Lesson 2 to answer all the questions below. The word bank with the possible answers is
Athens was ruled by which kind of
Sparta was ruled by which kind of
In which city - state were citizens
over 30 years old allowed to
participate in the assembly?
Which city –state considered itself to
be a population of free-thinkers?
What form of money did the
Spartans use?
What form of money did the
Athenians use?
What kind of education did the
Athenians receive?
What kind of education did the
Spartans receive?
Who helped free the Athenian
farmers from debt and enslavement?
Word Bank:
Iron bars
military training
math and culture
How do governments change?