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Education in
• Why Value Education ?
• What is {value} Education ?
Why Value Education ?
The future of planet earth depends on
Education of the Youth
• Most challenges of 21st Century have ethical
Global warming
Energy Crisis { oil depletion}
Handling diversity
Increasing inequity , crime and violence
• To empower a person so that his
actions ( bodily, vocal , mental) neither
hurt nor harm him nor “any body” else
• Golden Rule
How to
this ?
Training needed
To remove
negative traits
from Mind and
Positive traits?
To develop
insight, not
mere intellectual
knowledge, about
the nature of
human reality ?
Principles of Value Education
1.The foundation should not be made dependent
 on myth, or authority
2. Provoke the students to analyze the world and the
experiences of their own life-its goals,
aspirations, etc.
3. Value dimension should permeate teaching
-------------------------------------------------4. Give practical training in self-restraint &
self observation to actually inculcate values
------------------------------------5. Teachers as senior students, nor moral masters
1. The foundation should not
be made dependent on myth,
or authority
 Modern age – the age of science.
No blind belief will be accepted
by educated youth.
Using Recent Scientific Discoveries
on Nature of Reality
 Recourse to any authority can
bring in conflict with secularism.
2. Provoke the students to analyze
the world and the experiences of
their own life-its goals,
aspirations, ….
Analyzing Life’s experiences…I
• Do I feel happy when others
– cheat , steal, abuse, beat me
• What kind of friend, employer, customer,
servant, spouse, child......would I like?
• Is it true of all ?
Do unto others
as you wish
others to do unto you
Analyzing Life’s experiences …II
• What makes us really happy ?
Greediness or generosity ?
Cheating or honesty ?
Cruelty or compassion
Anger or forgiveness ?
Falsehood or truthfulness ?
Is this universally true ?
Thus we can discover the requirements for happy living
Analyzing Life’s Experiences ..III
• There are certain universal Human Values
[UHV] … Honesty, Loving Kindness,
Compassion, Generosity, Forgiveness….
• Imbibing UHV essential for happy living
• Intentions are more important than actions
• Differences between people are trivial as
compared to what they have in common
3. Value Dimension
should permeate all
Discuss in all subjects their value
implications: physics, chemistry,
mathematics, biology, social
Ensure that different subject Teachers
do not convey conflicting views on
4. Give Practical training in Selfrestraint & Self-observation to
actually inculcate values
5. Responsibilities of Teachers
 Become Role Models of Value based life
Mindful Teaching -- with love and
ii. professional integrity - transparency in
iii. accepting shortcomings gracefully,
iv. Regular meditation
 Work as senior students and not moral
Concluding Remarks
EHV : need of the hour to ensure survival of
the humanity – value neutral education is a
….. best done by encouraging
the students to
analyze the world and their own experiences
Value inculcation needs practical training in
self restraint and self observation - Conscious
living – Mindful living
EHV Teachers have to be role models-- not
moral masters but senior students
Thank you all !