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Building Communities Trust
Job description
Job title:
Communication & Events Officer - part time
Responsible to:
Chief Executive of BCT
£18,000 (£30,000 per annum pro-rata)
Cardiff Bay
Annual leave:
Twenty-five days plus bank holidays pro rata
Use of public transport is preferred; when this is not
convenient staff may use their own vehicles or use
the car rental system. Mileage rates are paid in
accordance with recommended Inland Revenue rates.
22 hours per week. You will be expected to work
those in a way that ensures the requirements of the
post are fully met and we will operate entirely flexible
working hours to help make this happen.
The post will attract a maximum contribution of 10%
of annual salary to an approved pension scheme of
your choice.
Probationary period:
The post is subject to the successful completion of a
six month probationary period.
Building Communities Trust
Aim of post
The Communications and Events officer is responsible for developing and
maintaining a clear public profile for the Trust. This includes developing and
maintaining a full range of public facing communications as well as targeted
communications aimed at key stakeholders that the Trust wishes to influence
or may be interested in the Trust’s work and for communication in and by
communities working with the Trust. This will include helping to promote the
work of BCT and its partners within communities and helping communities to
promote their work to wider audiences.
It is envisaged that the post holder will use a wide range of communications
tools including a website, social media, printed materials, blogs and events
including workshops and seminars.
The post holder will work closely with the Invest Local Workers and the Chief
Executive to identify communications priorities and medium for specific
As a general rule public facing communications will be bilingual whilst
community focused communications will be in appropriate local languages.
Key Responsibilities
Communication Systems
a. Develop and maintain the bi-lingual BCT website; ensuring that it provides
relevant easy to access materials for all key audiences including
communities, policy makers and others with an interest in place based
community development.
b. Develop and populate a range of social media to promote the views of BCT
and information about is activities.
c. Develop and maintain a regular newsletter for community partners keeping
them up to date with BCT’s work and sharing experiences between them.
d. Support and encourage other members of staff to provide key content for
BCT communications when required.
Audience Targeting
Building Communities Trust
a. Working with the Chief Executive and Invest Local Workers identify a range
of specialist target audiences for BCT's work.
b. Identify key messages and key media for reaching target audiences and
develop a clear strategy for their promotion including a full range of
relevant approaches and techniques to get BCT's message across.
Supporting Communities
a. Develop clear comprehensible materials about the work of BCT to
promote the Trust's work in communities during the introductory stages of
the programme.
b. Support communities and Local Fund Holders to develop communications
materials and communications strategies for promoting their work within
their communities and more broadly.
Media Relations
Develop a clear media profile for the Trust’s work, ensuring key journalists
are aware of our work;
b. Ensuring the Trust has a strong profile in both English and Welsh language
c. Supporting local communities to secure media coverage for their work
when it aids their purpose.
Event Management
a. Organise and manage a programme of events for BCT in conjunction with
Chief Executive and Invest Local Workers. These will cover events related
 Sharing learning across the programme
 Supporting the work of the programme evaluation
 Supporting BCT's advocacy goals
This is not an exhaustive list. The post holder may be asked to carry out
additional duties from time to time or, as required, by the developing needs of
the service or organisation.
Building Communities Trust
Person specification
The following are essential skills: (candidates who cannot demonstrate these skills will not be
short listed)
 Developing communication strategies including the different approaches
used for targeted and generic communications;
 Experience of using a range of social media and of supporting others to
use social media
 Excellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability to
produce and present information to a very high standard, to influence a
diverse range of internal and external stakeholders
 A strong understanding of developing bi-lingual communications and
reaching and utilising the Welsh language media.
The following are key skills: (these skills are needed for the role but could be acquired on the job or
through training within 6 months of appointment)
 A full driving licence/ ability to travel
 Experience of event design and management including an ability to
carefully tailor event content and format to the audience
 Supporting non-professionals to engage in communication activities
(including for example media work, writing for blogs and newsletter,
social media etc.)
 A proven track record of innovation; reaching new audiences and using
new tools
 Experience of website maintenance and development
The following are desirable skills: (these skills are preferable, and would enhance the application)
 The ability to read and write Welsh
Personal Attributes / Attitude:
- Reliability – a willingness to do what is required
- Integrity – demonstrating a consistency in your communication and actions
- Ability to stay calm under pressure and keep ‘big picture’ focus
- Positivity – the ability to work with and see people and situations in a positive
Building Communities Trust
- Passion – an inner drive that compels you forward into your future, creating a
‘can do’ attitude at all times
- Flexibility – a willingness to respond positively to change
- Team Work – a willingness and ability to work in partnership with a team
towards the vision of Building Communities Trust.
- Values diversity and shows commitment to understanding the thoughts and
opinions of others.
- Listening skills – the ability to listen to and take on board other perspectives