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many situations, a business may choose to assume a risk. Assumption of the risk is a legal
defense to negligence in which a business is aware of a risk, but subjects itself to it
voluntarily. In many other cases, businesses are required by law to manage risks. For
example, many companies are required to do background checks on employees or volunteers.
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Identify techniques to extract relevant information from written materials.
Several factors strongly affect comprehension of material. To start with, the reader must
have the background vocabulary, language competence, knowledge, and experience
necessary to comprehend the message. Of these, vocabulary is the most important factor in
the ability to comprehend.
Many strategies can be utilized to extract relevant information. One method is to use
prereading assistance devices such as advance organizers, mapping, questioning, and
prepared reading guides. Another is to identify the main idea in a passage or paragraph. It
also helps to identify clues such as bold print, headings, indentations, and cue words.
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Explain how to analyze company resources to ascertain policies and procedures.
Company policies can be obtained through training information, company manuals, work
mentors, and supervisors. Policies to consider are topics of pay, sick/vacation time,
promotions and raises, and the company’s health and safety procedures. Company policies
should be read thoroughly for complete understanding.
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Describe how to employ communication styles appropriate to target audience.