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making regarding cash and securities management, operations management, capital
budgeting, financial forecasting and planning, and risk management. These categories
closely match the information included in a company’s financial statements.
Financial information is used to match company resources to its planned activities and to
identify additional resources that may be needed or secured. Information that is needed
includes cash flow, accounts receivable, accounts payable, capital assets, long-term liability,
and stockholders’ equity.
Source: Dlabay, L. R. & Burrow, J. L. (2008). Business Finance. Mason, OH: Thompson
Identify ways that technology impacts business.
Technology allows the speed of business transactions to occur globally; financial transactions
are becoming instantaneous. Customers have come to expect more choices and higher levels
of customer service due to advances in technology. Furthermore, they are able to access
more information on which to compare prices, research choices and features, and base their
buying decisions.
Source: Dlabay, L. R. & Burrow, J. L. (2008). Business Finance. Mason, OH: Thompson
Explain how to handle and report emergency situations.
Many companies are required to have an emergency action plan. This discusses how to
report hazards, such as fires, spills, and the like. It pinpoints where to find emergency
supplies such as flashlights and first aid kits. An emergency response team may be
developed, and escape routes should be outlined. It is also important to specify how to
evacuate people with disabilities or other special circumstances. In addition to hazards,
workplace violence—internal or external—must be considered.
Source: Kimbrell, G. & Vineyard, B. S. (2008). Succeeding in the World of Work. New
York, NY: Glencoe/McGraw Hill.
Explain routine security procedures.
All companies are responsible for protecting people and property in the scope of business.
Security personnel may be hired and policies should be written to serve these purposes.
Procedures to handle emergencies, safety hazards, natural disasters, theft, and liability issues