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Esd L-shape bracket (3x Banana)
SKU: AE000001
Product Categories: Esd Bench Mount Grounding
Product Tags: Esd Earth Bonding point Box, Esd L-shape bracket (3x Banana), ESD personal
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Product Summary
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Esd Earth Bonding point Box , L-shape, with 3 banana connections
Product Description
Esd Earth Bonding point Box
Esd Earth Bonding point Box
Earth bonding plugs (EBP) also known as grounding plugs are designed as a safe and
easy way to create an effective ESD grounding point for ESD products and ESD test
equipment within an ESD protected area (EPA).
Under bench mounting Earth Bonding Point bracket with a 10mm stud and two banana
sockets for 4mm jacks.Easy to fit Earth Bonding Point for the front of a work bench.
With a 2 metre long fitted ground cord with an M5 eyelet, the eyelet is then attached to
an ESD Bonding Plug. We recommend our ESD318 Earth Bonding Plug with 2 x 10mm
studs plus M5 post. Fitted with a one 10mm stud and two banana sockets this bonding
point gives various grounding cord connection options. Each connector point is fitted
with a 1 M ohm safety resistor (three resistors for each bonding point).
Fits under the bench
Connects operators and other elements of the EPA to ground
Complete with 2m earth lead
Moulded from ABS with rounded corners
Product Attributes
Brands: ESD Safety
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