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Analytics and Business Intelligence Services
Create Revenue and Profit Opportunities Leveraging Data
Benefit from an Innovative Advanced
Analytics Solution
Analytics and Business Intelligence Services from Fiserv helps
you harness the power of data in your business systems to
improve decision-making, manage cost proactively, drive
revenue growth and handle customer attrition.
Put Your Data to Work for You
With Analytics and Business Intelligence
Services, Fiserv helps you consolidate and
transform data into critical business insights.
We have extensive analytics experience
in banking, payments, digital, lending,
investment, and risk and compliance. Nobody
understands and manages large pools of data
in the financial industry better than we do.
Your data and our expertise in mining it to
churn insights will transform your business.
Analytics and Business Intelligence Services
helps you gain insights through:
Analytical Insights and
Strategy Building
Advanced Visualization
and Dashboards
Statistical analysis and
predictive modeling
Data Acquisition and
Information Management
Currently, a considerable volume of rich
transactional, customer and operational
data generated by your business
applications remains largely untapped.
Fiserv can transform this raw data into
actionable insights. We analyze data at
granular levels using advanced statistical
methods and technology, enabling
financial institutions to more precisely
understand the value of each customer
and make prescribe recommendations to
drive revenue and profitability.
Let us work with you to design innovative
solutions to drive your business to success.
As examples, our innovative analytics
solutions have helped clients to:
• Drive market share and merchant
loyalty using our intelligent pricing
optimization framework
• Migrate paper-based payments to digital
forms such as online bill payment and
person-to-person payments (P2P) transfers
• Improve customer experience and revenues
using preventable declines solution to
reduce credit and debit card declines
• Increase online and mobile banking usage
by channel behavior analysis
• Act on real-time information with the help
of our powerful out-of-the-box dashboards
specially designed to facilitate quick
decision making
Cost-Effective Global Delivery Model
With global delivery centers in the U.S.,
India, and Costa Rica, we can help you
generate insights with an optimal mix
of on-site and offshore associates. The
statistical modelers, business, database and
IT analysts in our analytics practice couple
banking domain experience with expertise
in statistics and technology to bring valuable
insights to you. Whether you are looking for
quick reporting services or custom analytics
solutions leveraging predictive analytics,
we can provide the right fit for your needs.
Take advantage of our cost-competitive
data warehousing and business intelligence
(DW/BI) technology services, and start
transforming financial application data into
actionable insights.
data as the enabling foundation for further
analysis. We have experience with a wide
range of BI and ETL tools, including but
not limited to Informatica, DataState, SSIS,
OWB, Pentaho, Cognos, QlikView, Tableau,
Business Objects, SSRS.
Gain Customer and Management
Insights Quickly
Create real-time dashboards that integrate
easily with core banking systems to give
you access to low latency information
to identify trends, fill gaps and progress
towards goals and opportunities. Our
interactive dashboards provide a 360-degree
view of profitability and risks by customer,
product and channel to help you manage
operations and assess risk effectively.
Support Your Institution’s Growth
• How to optimize pricing to drive merchant
loyalty and increase revenue opportunities
Fiserv offers competitively priced worldclass analytics and business intelligence
capabilities with three interconnected
• How to reduce credit and debit card
decline rates
• How to optimize your investment in digital
Data Mining &
• How to capitalize on your branch network
• How to prevent attrition by targeting
customers at high risk
Data Management
& DW
BI/MI Dashboards
& Reporting
offerings that enable you to access the
keys to efficient growth hidden in your
transaction data.
Tap Our Global Consulting Capabilities
With capabilities in leading extract,
transform and load (ETL) and business
intelligence (BI) tools and robust practices
in data quality assessment, governance and
data consolidation services, we can help
you extract, capture, cleanse, and aggregate
• How to gain additional revenue through
increased card utilization
Optimize Costs and Profits
We combine a sophisticated analytical
solution with a deep understanding of banking
and financial industry business models to
deliver impactful insights and results. We will
show you how to increase revenue using
insights derived from custom descriptive and/
or predictive analysis of customer behaviors
and reduce costs by better management of
marketing spend and efficient use of internal
resources. We’ll also show you how to
target customers in real-time using tailored/
integrated interactions across channels.
data management to insight generation
Whether your focus is on revenue
augmentation or cost optimization,
we can design a custom analytics solution
that will enable you to achieve your
business objectives.
• Flexible analytics delivery models,
including custom analytics and business
intelligence solutions
• Packaged analytics solutions that integrate
easily with account processing solutions
Fiserv offers advantages we put
to work for you:
• Analytics powered through channels, for
example, online banking
• Managing large data pools is in our DNA
• A broad spectrum of services that span
• Compelling cost advantages through our
global delivery model
Enabled by Fiserv Global
Delivery Centers
Fiserv combines domain and product
expertise with the scalability, cost and
Revenue Augmentation
Impact on Bank’s P&L
• Interest income
• Product Pricing
• Non-interest income
• Loan / Credit Line balances
• Interest expenses
• Higher product penetration
/ cross-sell index
• Fees (overdraft,
interchange, services etc.)
• Cost of funds
• Non-interest
Cost Optimization
• Operational
• Service channel
• Bad debt expenses
• Usage of low cost and self
service channels (like web
banking, bill pay etc.)
• Marketing costs / customer
acquisition costs
• Branch/ATM network
• ATM & transaction costs
• Customer defaults
Example Analytical Solutions
• Increase wallet share by offering
“next best product” based
on analysis of prior product
purchases, ownership
& transactions
• Card utilization maximization
through customized offers to
customer segments
• Price optimization of deposit
products to reduce cost of funds
• Migrate low value customers to
low cost channels
• Customer Life Time Value (CLTV)
based on survival scores to retain
profitable customers
• ATM/branch network
rationalization based on market
potential and branch profitability
• Credit decisioning and
delinquency management
Profit Maximization
(Increased earnings before taxes)
Key Benefits
Fiserv is driving
innovation in Payments,
Processing Services,
and Business
and Systems
Risk & Compliance,
Management and
and leading the
transformation of financial
services technology to
help our clients change
the way financial services
are delivered. Visit for a look
at what’s next now.
• Analysts that possess unsurpassed
product knowledge
• Speed to market capabilities
• Scalability and flexibility to quickly
scale teams up or down to meet
changing business requirements
• 24/7 support
Customer & Channel
Insights & Optimization,
• A workforce with deep
domain expertise
process quality benefits of a global delivery
model. Our global delivery centers combine
approximately 4,000 professionals and
years of product development and testing
experience in IT and BPO options that create
real value and results. Delivery capabilities
in the United States, Costa Rica and
India enable us to offer a seamless global
team with “best shore” delivery options.
You choose the optimal mix of onshore,
nearshore and offshore to provide overnight
support and resources in your time zone.
Fiserv is focused exclusively on financial
industry technologies. Our professionals are
certified by American Bankers Association,
Mortgage Bankers Association and other
leading industry organizations, and have
certifications in a wide range of technologies
used in the financial industry. Fiserv
professionals have extensive experience
developing, testing and supporting our awardwinning products. The value you expect is
• Cost-effective access to wellqualified workforces
• Structured governance and
transition methodology
• Security – certified delivery centers that
meet the most stringent requirements
for security and data privacy
the value we deliver, thanks to our best-inclass engagement frameworks, metricsbased reporting, well-defined processes and
systematic transition methodology.
Connect With Us
For more information about Analytics
and Business Intelligence Services, call
800-872-7882, email [email protected]
or visit
Fiserv, Inc.
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Brookfield, WI 53045
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