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Greek Mythology:
A crash course in the crazy lives
of the kooky Greek gods and
other such things
In the Beginning…
There was CHAOS!
---No really, there was. The first god in
Greek mythology was Chaos. A
shapeless, dark, mysterious god who
gave birth to Gaea (the Earth)
Gaea then gave birth (?) to
Uranus (the sky). They
married (?) and she then
gave birth to the first “gods”:
The Titans!
…and then a son kills a father
In the first (of many) cases
of a son taking power from
his father, Cronus, the
youngest titan born to
Uranus and Gaea,
castrates his father and
becomes ruler of the gods
with his sister-wife, Rhea
(again, a common theme
in Greek mythology)
Uneasy lies the head that wears
the crown…
• Cronus, fearing for his life—thinking that
one of his children may off him in much
the same way he deposed of his own
father—eats every child that Rhea gives
birth to.
• yum
…and history repeats itself.
• Rhea, tired of seeing her children eaten
shortly after birth by her husband (uh,
duh), saves her youngest son by feeding
Uranus a stone wrapped in clothing
• She hides her new son, Zeus, until he
grows to adulthood.
• He returns to Mt. Olympus angry.
Be Careful What You Eat
• Zeus makes Cronus drink a poison that
forces him to throw up. Cronus then
vomits Zeus’s grown brothers and sisters
(?) in full clothing and armor.
• Zeus and his siblings wage war against
Cronus and the Titans, eventually
defeating them and casting them into the
pit of Tartarus.
The Olympian Gods
The Big Twelve
The Family Tree
Some Final God Shots
*The Man
*The Myth
*The Riddle
*The Complex
Riddle Me This
• What walks on
four legs in the
• Two legs at noon
• And three legs in
the evening?
• The Blind
• The Man/The