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Ancient Egypt
Name ______________________________________
Date ________________________ Core _______
From Chapter 20 sec.1
1. Explain how the civilization of Ancient Egypt developed in the Nile River Valley? (How did
people go from being hunter-gatherers (cavemen) to becoming a civilization capable of
building great pyramids? And why in this area specifically?)
2. What is a surplus and why is a food surplus important to a civilization? What does it allow the
people of an area to do besides simply survive?
3. What does it mean to domesticate plants and animals? Explain.
4. List the 6 things necessary to have a civilization.
5. What was the ancient civilization of Egypt like? (Describe the government, cities, social classes, jobs,
architecture, writing styles, and the arts)
6. Besides the Ancient Egyptians, what TWO other civilizations developed in Africa in early times?
Briefly describe each one.
7. What are the pyramids for / why were they made?
8. How did the ancient Egyptians build the pyramids without large machines and power tools?
9. What are the pyramids made out of? Where did it come from?
10. What is the inside of a pyramid like? What can be found there?
From Hieroglyphics Reading
11. List the three types of ancient Egyptian writing and tell what is different about each one and
how it was used.
12. Describe how ancient Egyptians made paper and scrolls.
13. What are scribes and what was their job? How did someone become a scribe?
14. How did modern people learn how to read the ancient language of Hieroglyphics?
15. How do people today know so much about the Ancient Egyptians?
16. What is a cartouche? What is it for?
From Mummification Reading
17. What are the two different types of mummification that happened in Ancient Egypt?
Describe each one.
18. Why did Egyptians develop an elaborate system of mummifying bodies? Why did they make
19. Briefly describe the process of ceremonial mummification. Tell how they make the mummy stay
as life-like as possible.
From Dynasties and Pharaohs Reading and Notes
20. About how long ago (in what year) did the civilization of Egypt begin? _________________
21. Who was King Menes and what did he do for Egypt?
22. Who was Pharaoh Djoser? What did Pharaoh Djoser and Imhotep build? How did it possibly
change Egypt?
23. Who was Pharaoh Sneferu? What did he build?
24. Who was Pharaoh Khufu? What did he build? What is it like?
25. Who was Pharaoh Kharfre? What did he build? What is it like?
26. Who was Pharaoh Menkaure? What did he build? What is it like?
27. Who was Queen Hatshepsut? What was different or special about her? How did she become
ruler of Egypt? Explain.
28. Who was Queen Nefertiti? How did she get power? Why do we know so much about her?
29. Who was Tutankhamen / King Tut? What is unique or different about him? What was found in
his tomb?
30. Who was Pharaoh Ramses II? What did he accomplish as Pharaoh?
31. Who was Cleopatra? Why is she important in the history of Ancient
Egypt? (See also flashcard about Cleopatra)