Download Learning Target Unit Sheet Course: Algebra Chapter 8: Polynomials

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Learning Target Unit Sheet
Course: Algebra
Chapter 8: Polynomials and Factoring: / Unit 2
Common Core/Quality Core Standard (s)
A.APR.1 Understand that polynomials for a system analogous to the integers,
namely they are closed under the operation of addition, subtraction, and
multiplication; add, subtract, and multiply polynomials
Learning Targets (I Can’s)
I can determine the degree of a polynomial
I can write a polynomial in standard form
I can combine polynomials using addition and/or subtraction.
I can multiply a monomial by a polynomial.
I can factor a monomial from a polynomial.
I can multiply two binomials or a binomial by a trinomial.
I can find the square of a trinomial and to find the product of a sum and