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Breast Cancer Awareness Balloon
Release Party
Hosted by The Atlantes & Eastgate Village
When: Saturday
October 24th 2015
Location: The Atlantes
776-B Old State Route 74
Cincinnati OH 45245
For More Information
Pre-Donations of Balloons Available Now by calling 513-399-6225 or email [email protected]
Please advise all your friends and relatives that our latex balloons are 100% biodegradable. Latex is a natural product drawn from
rubber trees and rubber tree plantations are helping to green our planet. We advocate that no plastics or other non-biodegradable
products should ever be released into the atmosphere. So, please respect our environment, and for health reasons - NEVER inhale
Donations are written to The Atlantes and will be donated to a local breast cancer foundation. The Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory is a
professional, independent, not-for-profit, publicly supported, research institute dedicated to the discovery of new knowledge regarding the cause,
diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer. No organization or individual profits financially from its operation.