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Transcript *** Phone: +1-425-748-5018 *** Fax: +1-425-644-2185
Python1 - Version: 3 - 09/05/2017
Python Basic
3 days Course
Course Description
Python has been slowly but surely gaining more and more fans, and eventually become one of
the most popular programming languages in the world. With its clear and elegant syntax,
dynamic typing, memory management and advanced libraries, Python makes a great choice for
developing applications and scripts. This course provides students with the basic knowledge
needed to start and developing Python applications.
Intended Audience
This course is intended for programmers, project managers, project designers, and engineers
who are willing to include Python in their development toolset.
• Experience in programming is helpful, preferably with knowledge of object-oriented concepts
• Knowledge of a dynamic language an advance
• The participant will understand the language fundamentals
• The participant will use different data types and expressions
• The participant will use different types of statements
• The participants will be able to write functions
• The participant will be able to create and import modules
• python basic concepts
o What Python?
o Getting Python
o Python is interpreted language
o Python first program
o Indentations
• basic types
o Primitives: bool and numeric
o Sequences: strings, lists, tuples, sets and dictionary
o Working with sequences:
§ Operators
§ Functions
§ Comprehension
o Mutable vs Immutable in Python
• python flow control
o Relational and Logical Operators
o If statement
o While loop
o For loop
o Loop Control Statements
• functions and modules
o What is Function? *** Phone: +1-425-748-5018 *** Fax: +1-425-644-2185 *** Phone: +1-425-748-5018 *** Fax: +1-425-644-2185
o Function Definition
o Function Arguments
o Local and Global Variables
o Pass by reference vs value
o Modules in Python
o Import Statement
o The from .. Import statement
o Locating Modules
o Useful built-in statements
• python Object Oriented
o class definition
o constructors and built-in functions
o destructors and best practice
o static members
o Hide Implementation
o Class Inheritance
o Functions overriding
• Regular expressions
• Files
o Reading
o Writing
o File manipulations
• complex data structures
• Summarizing lab
Follow on courses *** Phone: +1-425-748-5018 *** Fax: +1-425-644-2185