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Coding Python – Lesson 1
Year 8 Computing @ WBGS
Python is a programming language used in industry to create applications and web sites such as
YouTube and Facebook. A general understanding of its principles is a great start to becoming a web & app developer.
Write in this box your definition of a computer program
Write in this box your definition of what a variable is in computer science
Write in this box something you have found out about Alan Turing’s work
Let’s get Coding!
From the start menu open Python 3.3 IDLE
At the command line try typing in some of the following:
print (“Hello World”)
To get the command line to say Hello World notice I have used brackets and double quotes. This is known as syntax.
WBGS – [email protected]
Write in this box a definition of the word syntax
Now in the Python Shell type the following 2 lines of code:
Just in these 2 lines of code list 3 things you have achieved
Write in this box what the Turing Test is
Now you are going to create your own Turing Test Simulator. You will need to use variables and IF statements.
So far you have been entering code at the command line but it is lost when you close the window. From now on you
are going to save your work in files so that it is not lost:
From the Python Shell click on File & New File to create an empty file
Click File Save As and name the file ‘Turing Test’
Save it in your Python folder
Here is some code to get you started. Type it into the file you just created and see what happens when you run it
using F5.
WBGS – [email protected]