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Declarative programming
Procedural / Functional Programming
Object Orientated Programming
Event Driven Programming
Python 3.3
We will be using Python 3.3 to learn the basic of
programming and then have look at other languages if
there is time.
We will be using the IDLE Interface
Python 3.3
Programming involves using a set of instructions, data and
keywords to tell the computer what to do.
Your first program type and then press enter
>>> print(“Hello World”)
Python 3.3
Which one of these is correct?
>>> print"Hello World“
>>> print("Hello World");
>>> Print("Hello World")
>>> print("Hel World")
>>> prin(Hello World)
Where do you look for errors?
1) Syntax Errors
2) Logical errors
Python 3.3
Using a script – create a program that produces three lines
of text.
Python 3.3
Special characters in text
Creates a line in a string
of text
Creates a tab style indent
in a string of text
Allows a backslash to
appear in a string of text
Allows a speech mark to
be used in a string of text
Python 3.3
Variables are containers that can hold data.
In most languages variables are declared to be a certain
data type first such as
Strings, Integers, Dates, Real, Characters etc..
In python variables are declared when they have their first
value assigned to them
Python 3.3
Try the following program
print("Hello this is a variable program")
name = ""
name = input("Enter in your name please: ")
print("Hello ", name)
Python 3.3
You can use variables to do calculations
Try this program
print("Hello this is a variable program")
num1 = 0
num2 = 0
sum = 0
num1 = int(input("Enter in number 1 please: "))
num2 = int(input("Enter in number 2 please: "))
sum = num1 + num2
print("The total is ",sum)
Python 3.3
1) Write a program that will read in three integers
and display the sum.
2) Write a program that will read in two integers
and display the product.
3) Enter the length, width and depth of rectangular
swimming pool. Calculate the volume of water
required to fill the pool and display this volume.