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AP – CSP Study Guide for Wired Review Quiz
CAUTION: As you review these terms and concepts MAKE SURE you are reviewing them from
the perspective of computers, programming, scratch and Python.
1. Outline the steps you would use if you were asked by your boss to create a computer
program from scratch to solve a problem in an operational unit.
2. What’s the purpose of comments in a game program?
3. Explain the purpose of flowcharts.
4. Explain the steps you use when creating a flowchart including when this should occur in the
design and development process.
5. How would you describe SCRATCH to someone who has never heard of it? Compare and
contrast it with Python in your explanation.
Review the Python tutorial, your Python games, the Python program, the Pygame tutorial (the
pdf document you saved to your student drive) and your pygames to answer these questions.
6. Operator (and list valid
7. Variable
8. Purpose of variable
9. How do you overwrite a
10. Give an example of how
you create a variable
11. Expression
12. Int( )
13. Comparison Operator
14. Boolean Data type
15. While statement
16. Loop
17. What does this mean: #
18. If statement
19. Else