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Vic Pascucci
736 E. Fairbairn Dr.
Deltona, Florida 32725
(386) 860-1803 – [email protected]
Financial Services/Marketing/Customer Service executive with over 25 years of banking experience.
Product knowledge and experience include Credit Card, Purchasing Card/Commercial Card, Deposits,
Auto Loans, and Merchant Services. Recognized leader for strong sales, marketing and relationship
building expertise. Skilled in developing marketing plans, product development, sales & product
training, cross selling products, planning and managing budgets and financial analysis. Demonstrated
success in providing professional, accurate and quality customer service to a national client base.
Areas of Expertise
Marketing bank products – acquisition, retention, loyalty marketing
Credit Card
Purchasing Card
Relationship building
Customer Service and Problem resolution
PCI – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards
Financial Analysis
Strategic planning
American Automobile Association (AAA Headquarters) Heathrow, Florida
1990 - 2009
Relationship Manager – AAA Financial Services Department
1996 - 2009
 Provided strong relationship building, customer service and problem resolution to AAA Clubs and
AAA Members which resulted in consistent high customer service survey scores.
 AAA Trainer for sales and bank products (Credit Cards, Deposits, Loans, Purchasing Card) result,
increased branch sales and product acceptance
 Experienced in developing, planning and implementing product marketing initiatives as well as
maximizing marketing channels
 Negotiated contract, launched and managed Purchasing Card (Commercial Card) product which
generated in excess of over $10 million annually.
 Negotiated merchant services contracts that reduced costs by $3 million annually.
 AAA Merchant Services Rep and liaison with merchant bank partner PNC.
 AAA Merchant Services Rep with American Express and Discover Card.
 Developed product profitability models to assist in allocating marketing dollars more effectively
 AAA Liaison between partner banks, Bank of America (credit card), Discover Bank (deposits) PNC
Bank (Purchasing Card & Merchant Services) and BlueYield (auto loans).
 Developed AAA’s PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) program.
 Planned and managed department budget.
 Supervised, trained and mentored 5 Account Executives.
Vic Pascucci/ (386) 860-1803/[email protected]
Manager, Market Segmentation – AAA Marketing Department
1992 – 1996
 Provided strategic, technical and marketing support to AAA Clubs and AAA Preferred Partners
 Provided response analysis for direct mail and telemarketing campaigns
 Developed product behavioral/profitability analysis by market segment
 Developed first AAA Member Lifetime Value Analysis to determine member profitability
 Supervised one marketing analyst
Marketing Manager – AAA Financial Services Department
1990 - 1992
 Developed and assisted AAA Clubs with credit card marketing strategies, tactics and plans
 Team leader in the RFP (Request For Proposal) process for negotiations and sale of AAA credit card
portfolios which resulted in more lucrative deals for AAA
 Supervised one marketing analyst
Manufacturers Hanover Trust - N.Y. (currently JP Morgan/Chase)
1987 – 1990
Marketing/Financial Officer - Marketing Department
 Developed and marketed affinity credit card programs
 Developed financial models, including profitability analysis for affinity groups, portfolio
acquisitions and loyalty marketing programs
 Implemented N.Y. Mets MasterCard program
 Supervised one financial analyst
B.A. - Business Administration
N.Y. Institute of Technology