Download Partnership with families 18th May to 22nd May 2015 Dear Families

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Partnership with families
18th May to 22nd May 2015
Dear Families,
As a part of the continuous improvement required by the National Quality Standard, this week we are:
 focusing on our hygiene procedures. One of the ways we can teach children about hygiene as well
as help them build relationships and life skills is to involve them in jobs like wiping tables and
setting up lunch. We constantly integrate learning about hygiene into all our activities and
experiences, including for example art and craft
 looking at the levels of salt in food, and how to reduce the amount of salt we eat to improve our
health and well being.
reviewing our Infectious Disease Policy and Health, Hygiene and Safe Food Policy. Summaries follow:
Infectious Disease Policy
 service will exclude children who have an infectious disease or are too ill to attend
 exclusion periods taken from Staying Healthy edition 5
 we may exclude a child we suspect of having an infectious disease until we receive a medical certificate
stating the child is not contagious
 policy contains procedure for dealing with child who becomes unwell at the Service
 policy contains information about the notification of infectious diseases to the local public health unit.
These will be made by the Nominated Supervisor
 policy contains information about recommended immunisation requirements for educators, and
procedures to ensure educators understand the adverse effect of some infectious disease on unborn
Health, Hygiene and Safe Food Policy - contains practices/procedures on:
 sterilisation of dummies and bottles
 children’s bedding
 hand washing
 nappy change
 toileting
 dental hygiene and care
 dental accidents
 food preparation and hygiene
 food safety including temperature control, transport and storage
There are copies of the Policies near the sign in/out sheet. Please take a moment to read them.
We value any feedback you may have.
Nominated Supervisor