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How would Confucianism impact Chinese
Geography of China
1. Mountains- natural barrier, terrace
2. Deserts- nomadic people
3. Rivers- farming, trade
4. Seas- trade
The Warring States Period
​Zhou Dynasty (550-250 BCE)
Chaotic, uneasy, and wartorn
Confucius (551-479 BCE)
Lived during the Warring States
Advisor to rulers and teachers
Wanted to restore order and harmony
to society
Confucian Beliefs
Not a religion, an ethical system (behavior guide)
Became the foundation for Chinese government and social order
Sacred text: ​The Analects
Filial Piety​- the idea that people should respect
their parents and elders.
Five Relationships​ -- everybody has a role in society
Five Relationships
Ruler → subject
Father → son
Husband → wife
Older Brother → younger brother
Friend = Friend