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January 27th –
“ The Team Approach for Successful Same Day Implant Surgery”
(Full Arch Restorations) By: Yukio Otsubo, CDT, RDT of Kuwata Pan Dent Dental Laboratory
March 23rd –
“ Practice Transitions: Tax and Practical Issues for the Buyer and Seller”
By: Gerry Iacovano CPA
“Healthcare Lending”.
By: Robert J. Albano VP Healthcare Financial Services of Provident Bank
May 18th –
“Wisdom Teeth: When Do We Remove Them? What Does Current Data Say?”
By: Dr. Olumide Olawoye
“Immediate Molar Implants Placement”
By: Dr. Olumide Olawoye and Tony Kremski (Keystone Dental)
June 15th –
“Website utilization and Internet marketing- Building Your Practice in a Digital World”
By: Dr. Josha Gindea
September 14th –
“Restorative, Implant & Orthodontic Management of Agenesis”
By: Dr. Frank Celenza
October 19th –
“New Advances in Instrumentation, Obturation and Irrigation of Root Canals”
By: Brian McDonough of Kerr Endo
November 16th –
“Managing Dental Insurance in a Changing Marketplace”
By: Arthur J. Bilenker, DMD
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