Download 10. Peninsula that finally became united as one country in 1871 after

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2. Song that is a patriotic symbol of a country
4. Artistic movement where people expressed nationalism through music,
art, and literature
6. The conservative leaders of Europe considered nationalism to be a
_______ idea, and one that must be stopped.
10. Peninsula that finally became united as one country in 1871 after
nationalism swept through the area
12. Under this person, nationalism spread across Europe
13. As the German music composer, his operas stirred feelings of
14. Author of "On the Duties of Man"- he argued that people had the
right to rule themselves
15. War that furthered the growth of nationalism
16. A new interest in the history and customs of a group
1. In the Middle Ages, people first became loyal to one powerful
person, the ___
3. A group of people who share the same language and culture
5. New dictionaries and grammars helped to unify people by helping to
standardize this
7. Brothers who collected fairy tales and legends of northern Europe
8. Two countries where feelings of nationalism helped kick out
Napoleon's armies
9. Wagner's "Ring of the ____" used Germany's mythology to inspire
feelings of nationalism in the people
11. Nationalism caused the Austrian Empire to split apart because
ethnic groups all wanted this, another word for self-rule