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President Woodrow Wilson
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Sinking of the Lusitania
Chapter 9 Section 1
The United States enters World War I: P. 320 – 327
Class Objectives:
Students will be able to identify the long term causes and the immediate circumstances that led to World
War I.
Students will be able to describe the first two years of the war.
Students will be able to summarize U.S. public opinion about the war.
Students will be able to explain why the U.S. entered the war.
BIG IDEAS: Trade, War, and Migration although the United States tried to stay neutral, events pushed the nation into
MAIN IDEA: Old alliances and national sentiments among European nations set the stage for WW I.
MAIN IDEA: British propaganda and business interests led most Americans to a pro-British stance on the war.
Key Vocabulary:
1. MILITARISM – The aggressive build-up of armed forces to intimidate and threaten other nations
2. NATIONALISM –Feeling of intense pride in one’s homeland
3. PROPAGANDA – Information designed to influence opinion.
4. CONTRABAND – Goods prohibited from shipment to Germany or its allies.
5. FRANZ FERDINAND – His assassination was the spark to set off WWI. Killed by Gavrilo Princip, a member of the
Black Hand.
6. ZIMMERMAN TELEGRAM – Germany invites Mexico to fight wt them against U.S. in exchange for land (TX, NM,
Q: Why might Balkan nationalism have been a factor in causing WW I?
Nationalism encouraged self-determination and led to fighting against imperial countries that ruled others.
Q: What incident triggered the beginning of WW I?
The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne.
Q: Why did many Americans want to avoid involvement?
U.S. economy was connected to economies of many European nations.
European nations were the homeland of many U.S. citizens
Q: How did Germany’s use of unrestricted submarine warfare bring America into WW I?
German u-boats sank 6 American ships between 2/3 and 3/21. Wilson asked Congress to declare war.
Q: Name the two alliances in Europe at the start of WW I, and list the members of each alliance.
Triple Alliance
Triple Entente
Great Britain
Q: Why did many Americans support the British in the war even though the US was officially neutral?
They believed that:
 An Allied victory was the only way to keep the international balance of power
 Greater financial ties to the Allies
 Close historical ties wt Great Britain & France
Q: How did trade and economics contribute to America’s entry into WW I?
The economy of the United States was deeply involved with the economies of the Allies.
Q: Examine the images on page 326. How did images like these contribute to America’s eventual entry into the war?
The images turned public opinion in the U.S. against Germany
Use the Graphic Organizer to identify the events that led the U.S. to enter WW I.
Unrestricted submarine
U.S. Enters
World War I
Zimmerman telegram