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iKnowledge: Using Connectors (text
The search terms box in LexisLibrary will look for all of your key words next to each other as a
sentence or as a phrase. In this example,
it is very unlikely that you
will see the two words transactions undervalue as two words next to each other without a
connecting word. In order to research
the content effectively,
LexisLibrary requires the use of connectors. The first connector that you can use is the AND
connector. AND is the broadest connector
you can use in LexisLibrary,
and it will look for the words transaction and undervalue anywhere within the same document.
If you require your two words to feature closer together, you can delete AND and enter a W/P,
which will search for transactions within the same
paragraph as
undervalue. If you think that within the same paragraph is perhaps too broad and you want those
two words even closer together within the same
document, you can
delete W/P and enter a W/S, which will search for transactions within the same sentence as
undervalue. Our OR connector is very useful to
use when looking for
synonyms, acronyms or alternative words. In this example, we can enter transactions or sale or
deal within the same sentence as undervalue.
To find a complete list of connectors on LexisLibrary, simply click on the link to Search tips
underneath the Search terms box. This will display a
list of all the
connectors and commands that we use across LexisLibrary. Let us click into finding variations of
a word. This provides you with a very
useful reference point on the
This concludes the Using Connectors module.