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We highly recommend applicants check with a County Planner to obtain setback, lot coverage,
allowable floor area ratio, building height, and pertinent zoning information that may affect design (and
approval) of your building project. Call (970) 328-8730 and ask for the “Planner On Duty”.
Building Permit Application Form Please make certain the
following information is filled out:
Job address (physical) and 12 digit tax parcel number (from County Assessor’s
Legal description (lot, block, filing, subdivision, or tract section township and range)
Use of building (residential)
Type of heating (natural gas, propane, electric, other)
Signature and date (contractor or owner/owner’s representative) bottom of
Office, phone (970) 328-8640)
Owner’s name, address, phone and fax number or email
Contractor’s name, address, phone and fax number or email
Contact Person’s name, address, phone and fax number (Contact person will be
responsible for handling all correspondence regarding the permit)
Class of work (addition)
Description of work
Valuation (labor and materials for new work, shall include all building, plumbing
mechanical electrical improvements)
Water source (public or private see ‘Other Items’ listed below)
Sewer system (public or private see ‘Other Items’ listed below)
Lot size (specify existing lot size in acres or square feet).
Identify proposed change in lot coverage, impervious coverage, floor area, stories,
building height, # units, # bedrooms and parking spaces as applicable to the project
OR specify “same as existing”.
application form.
Proof of Legal Water and Wastewater
In the form of paid tap-fees;
‘availability of service’ letter from provider; or valid State well permit. If on
public water / sewer, this item will not apply UNLESS your project results in creation of
an accessory dwelling unit OR other change in land use. If private well, check to
ensure your State well permit accommodates use(s) proposed. Building applicant shall
contact the provider before submitting their application to the Building Dept.
On-Site Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) permit. May apply if detached
Wildfire Hazard Assessment Rating. This item is required. Based on results of
ECObuild Checklist May apply if adding habitable floor area and/or plans
Permit to Construct Within the Public Way May apply if project includes re-
Separate permits required for plumbing, mechanical, electrical and/or fire
sprinkler/alarm systems (R-3 occupancies). Peripheral permits shall be
garage includes new plumbing. Contact Environmental Health Dept at (970) 3288755 with septic system questions.
the initial assessment, a Wildfire Mitigation Fee may also apply. Permits will not be
released until fee payment has been made. Not all building permits will generate
fees. For information, call (970) 328-8742
include exterior energy uses such as snowmelt, spas, and pools listed in Section 4-8.
The completed ECObuild checklist must be submitted along with the subject building
permit application. For further information contact (970) 328-8730 and ask for the
ECObuild Specialist.
configuration of existing driveway and connection to public way. For permit
processing and approval information, contact Eagle County Engineering Dept at (970)
submitted and require approval prior to commencing work in that given trade.
Permit application forms available on county’s website:
Ridgeline / Hillside Analysis. May apply if the parcel being developed is
located in a designated view corridor or slopes exceed 30%. Please contact the
Planning Division and ask for the “Planner On Duty” for questions regarding related
regulations (970) 328-8730.
A Floodplain Elevation Certificate is required for buildings constructed, substantially
improved or placed in the 100-year floodplain. Framing inspections will not be
performed until the elevation certificate is reviewed and approved by the Eagle
County Engineering Department. If the property is located within the vicinity of a
100-year floodplain, please contact the Engineering Dept to review the applicability
of this item (970) 328-3560
Design Review Board / Architectural Control Committee / HOA letter or
approval stamp on submitting drawings. While Eagle County Building Division
does not have powers to enforce local covenants, we encourage homeowners to work
with their local associations to ensure project compliance. This will help minimize civil
disputes between parties and may eliminate unnecessary project costs and delays
involved when re-designing a project.
Outstanding compliance issues: If your property has an open code
enforcement case, expired building permits, or other existing compliance issues,
issuance of your permit may be delayed. Contact Code Enforcement (970)
328-8755 for questions concerning existing compliance status for your
Two Sets of the complete plans will be required
(Three Sets for the Roaring Fork / El Jebel Office):
B. Site Plan (below item IS required for additions)
SITE PLAN shall depict:
Legal Description (Township, Range, Section, Lot, Block, Filing…)
Water Features
Utility connections from road right of way to building (gas, propane,
Landscape Plan
Property Lines
North Arrow, Scale
Fire Hydrants Nearest fire hydrant location (IF hydrants are over 600’ away from
structure, on-site water storage MAY be required per NFPA 1142)
Existing / Proposed Building Structure(s) Show all building structures.
Label and identify each building use. Label proposed detached garage and all
adjacent existing structures. If the garage includes any balcony, deck or other
exterior projections include scaled detail on the site plan.
Existing / Proposed Contours
Drainage Plan
Finish Floor Elevation
Existing and Proposed well, septic tank, leach field (IF your property is
served by private septic, this item is critical to Environmental Health Dept. review
of your project).
electric, phone / cable), label above- and below-ground propane tank locations
Construction Parking / Staging
Retaining Walls (where applicable)
(Three Sets for the Roaring Fork / El Jebel Office)
 Floor Plans for each floor level.
Include drawing scale & complete dimensions. Label proposed room uses. Include all story
Building Cross Sections and construction details
Elevation Drawings shall depict areas of new construction (label N,S,E,W)
Each Room use is Clearly Labeled
Location of Mechanical Equipment
Window Sizes & types noted on floor plan pages (or elevation drawing details)
Guardrail detail shown IF adding stairways or guards
Roof Covering and siding specified
Attic Ventilation and crawl space ventilation details (where applicable)
Minimum Insulation details shown for exterior walls / floors / roof assemblies
 All Sheets of the Plans wet stamped / signed by a Colorado State Licensed
Engineer or Architect. Footing, foundation, framing details require licensed professional
stamp on each set of drawings submitted.
Addition(s) require wet stamped DESIGN SPECIFICATION SHEET.
Shall Include:
roof live load (snow)
floor/deck live load
wind design
soil bearing capacity
 Soils Report. Submit two (2) copies of the soils report for the specific lot.
Alternately, the structural design professional may list an assumed soil bearing capacity in
their foundation design and geotechnical engineer will supply copy of an ‘open hole soils
report’ at time of footing inspection.
Foundation Plan required. Show complete footing / foundation dimensions,
reinforcement details on plan.
 Framing Plan & details for each floor level and roof framing specified. (All
beams, joists, rafters, wall stud framing, bolting, hangers, connection details clearly shown)
Correction letters will be issued for incomplete applications and may delay the issuance of the permit.
Building permit and plan check fees are due at application submittal. Fees are based on valuation of
labor and materials for new work. Please call (970) 328-8730 or ask the Community Development
Front Counter Professional Staff for exact permit fees for your project.
Building Permits or projects necessitating Planning Commission, Board of County Commissioners, or
administrative review, will not be reviewed until final approval from the reviewing bodies is awarded.
For questions regarding the projects compliance with planning and zoning regulations, call (970)
328-8730 and ask for the “Planner On Duty”.
Road Impact Fees, Fire and Ambulance District Fees will be determined for each application. Permits
will not be released until applicable impact fees payment has been made. NOTE: Not all building
permits generate fees. Call (970) 328-8730 for more information.
Applicants must sign and date the checklist for the application to be accepted.
I have read and understand the requirements of this checklist. If any required information is missing
from the application, I understand the application will not be accepted.
Applicant’s Signature & Date