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Getting to Know You!
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What’s Next!
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Introduction to Biology:
The Characteristics of Life
A wide awake bear happy to
go to biology class!
An asleep bear – not like
RHS biology students!
What is Biology?
Biology is the study of life.
The prefix “bio” means “life”
The suffix “logy” means “study of”
What are
An organism is any living thing.
All organisms share
seven characteristics:
Also called:
The 7 Characteristics of Life!
1. Cellular Organization
• All organisms are made up of units called
• A cell is the smallest unit capable of all life
Some random animal cell
Human blood cells
2. Reproduction
Reproduction is the process by which
organisms make more of their own
Don’t say what you’re thinking!
But, what is a species?
A species is a group of similar
organisms that can interbreed and
produce fertile offspring.
Species names are written in 2 words (the genus
and species) such as:
Homo sapiens (humans) or
Felis domestica (house cats)
Mule: Offspring of a male
donkey & female horse
Hinny: Offspring of a male
horse and female donkey
Generally smaller and less common
than mules.
Liger: male lion & female tiger
Tigon: male tiger & female lion
3. Metabolism
Metabolism is the sum of all of the
chemical processes carried out in an
organism. These processes make and use
Metabolism refers to the energy of an
organism. All organisms are able to obtain
and use energy.
Metabolism of
food to form
energy (cell
4. Homeostasis
Homeostasis is the maintenance of a
stable, internal environment.
Homeostasis must be maintained in spite
of changes in the external environment of
an organism.
Using the term “homeostasis”,
explain what is happening:
Using the term “homeostasis”,
explain what is happening:
“Bear Dance”
5. Heredity
Heredity is the passing of traits
from parents to offspring. This is
an important part of the process
of reproduction (#2). A trait is an
inherited characteristic.
Examples of traits are:
Eye color and
skin color are
6. Responsiveness
Organisms can respond to changes
in their environment. This
responsiveness allows organisms to
maintain their homeostasis.
7. Growth and Development
All organisms change during their life.
What are the 7 Characteristics of Life?