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Allied Health Professions
Sarah Belen
Jackie Brown
Ryan Hartman
Heather Osterfeld
Kate Tracy
What is Allied Health?
 Health professionals other
than doctors and nurses
 Diagnose and treat illnesses
 60% of all health care jobs
What will you learn today?
 Scope: “scope of practice” means what a professional is
trained to do
 School: different professions need different degrees &
years of training
 Where: we list some Ohio and Kentucky schools that offer
each degree
 Work: Once you have your degree…
 Salary: how much you might make each year; salaries listed
are averages, so you could make a little more or a little less
Where will you work?
 Schools
 Hospitals
 Doctors office
 Nursing homes
 Athletic facilities
 Research
 Corporate offices
Physician Assistant
Scope: report to a physician, examine and treat patients,
prescribe medication (in most states)
School: 4+2 years
Where: Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland State
University, Kettering College, Marietta College, University
of Mount Union, UK
Salary: $75,000 per year
Speech Language Pathologist
Scope: Help people with
vocalization, assist people with
swallowing problems, teach sign
language & the use of speech
School: 5 years
Where: UC, Bowling Green, Case
Western, Cleveland State, Kent
State, U of Miami, OSU, OU,
U of Toledo
Salary:~$50,000 per year
Massage Therapist
Scope: heal sports injuries, reduce
stress, and promote general health
School: Certificate (months-2 years)
Where: Cincinnati School of Medical
Massage, SHI Integrative Medical
Massage School, American Institute of
Alternative Medicine (AIAM)
Salary: $40,000 per year
Dental Assistant: assist dentist, take x-rays, taking impressions of
teeth, patient education
School: Certificate (9-11 months)
Where: Miami –Jacobs Career College (Springboro, OH)
Salary: $33,000 per year
Dental Hygienist: clean teeth, apply treatments to teeth
School: 2 years
Where: UC, OSU
Salary: $45,000/year
Dentist: diagnosis &treatment of disorders of the mouth &gums
School: 8 years
Where: OSU
Salary: $147,000 per year
Dental laboratory technician: dental appliances
School: 2 years
Where: Bluegrass Community and Technical College
(Lexington, KY)
Salary: $32,000 per year
Clinical Laboratory Technologist
Scope: Examine body fluid and cells, match blood type for
transfusions and analyze chemical levels in body fluids
School: 4 years
Where: UC
Salary: $45,000/year
Clinical Laboratory Technician
Scope: works under supervision
of technologist, examining body
fluids and cells
School: 2 years
Where: UC (Blue Ash),
Cincinnati State
Salary: $32,000/year
Medical Imaging
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
–2 or 4 years
Nuclear Medicine Technology
–2 or 4 years
–2 or 4 years
Radiological Technology
–2 years
Medical Imaging
Nuclear Medicine
Radiological Technology
Where can you go to school?
Nuclear Medicine
Radiological Technology
UC, Cincinnati State
UC (Blue Ash)
Social Work
Scope: Social workers work with families, schools,
governments at the state and national levels.
What exactly do social workers do on
a daily basis?
 - Help improve the well being of families and patients
• - Arrange for adoptions and find foster homes for
• - Provide assistance to senior citizens
• - Help individuals cope with pressure at work
• - Help employees with personal issues that may affect
their work
• - Address truancy issues and advise teachers on how
to deal with difficult students
Social Work
• Licensed Social Worker (LISW) – 4 years
• Salaries range from $25,000 – $65,000 per year
• The most promising job growth is currently in geriatrics
(elderly) and substance abuse treatment
Scope: working in food preparation, building eating plans,
testing foods, teaching, and research
School: 2, 4, or 5 years
Where: UC, Cincinnati State, Sinclair Community College,
several others online
Salary: depends on the level of degree
$42,000 – $63,000 per year
What are the names of the degrees related to nutrition?
- Nutrition Specialist
- Health, Fitness, and Nutrition Consultant
- AAS in Dietetics Technology
- BS in Nutrition Science
- M.S. in Dietetics
- M.S. in Clinical Nutrition
Occupational Therapist
Scope: Use meaningful activities,
to help people achieve
independence and lead
productive and satisfying lives.
School: 5 1/2 years
Where: Xavier University; OSU,
University of Toledo
Salary: ~$48,000 per year
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Scope: under the supervision of OTs
School: 2 years, then pass state
exam = COTA
Where: Cincinnati State, Kent State
University, Sinclair Community
Salary: ~ $35,000 per year
Respiratory Therapists
Scope: Work with patients who have breathing problems,
provide life support for premature infants, give medications,
make sure airways and lungs and clear and clean, and are
responsible for life-support systems
School: 2 or 4 years
Where: Cincinnati State, OSU,
Sinclair CC, University of Toledo
Salary: ~$43,000 per year
Physical Therapist
Scope: Provide care to people of all ages who have functional
School: 7 years
Where: UC, OSU, Mt. St. Joseph, OU, UD
Salary: ~ $75,000 per year
Physical Therapy Assistant
Scope: under supervision of the PT,
assist and help the treatment of
School: 2 years
Where: Clermont College, Kent State,
Sinclair CC
Salary: ~$48,000 per year
Nursing Assistant
Scope: Assist nurses, prepare meal trays, assist patients
with daily activities, transport patients
School: Certificate (6-12 weeks)
Where: Brown Mackie College,
Fortis Institute, Allied Health Institute
(online), Red Cross
Salary: $10 hourly
Assistants to Doctors &Nurses
Scope: Help to prepare patient for a procedure, help to
perform the procedure
School: Usually 1, 2, and 4 year options for each type of
 More education = more responsibilities
Salary: start ~ $25,000 annually
Examples of Assistants to Doctors & Nurses
• - Emergency Medicine Tech/Paramedic
• - Pharmacy Tech: prepare and manage medications
• - Surgery Tech: prepare operating room, prepare patients,
prepare surgeons, hand surgeon tools, operate lights,
suction, and other equipment
• - Ultrasound Tech: take ultrasounds used to diagnose
diseases or fetus imaging
• - Radiology Tech: Take Xrays, MRIs, CTs and give to doctor
to read
• - Nuclear Medicine Tech: radioactive imaging to diagnose