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Curriculum Vitae
Nicola Bottoni
Via De Ruggero n° 4,
Date of Birth:
5th March, 1962
Telephone Nbr:
039 / 0522 / 284803
039 / 0522 / 296288
Educated at Grammar School in Reggio Emilia (Liceo Classico L.
Ariosto), Italy.
Studied Medicine and Surgery at the Faculty of the University of Parma,
Italy. Graduated cum laude in Medicine and Surgery at the same
University in 1987, presenting a thesis on “Effects of different nitrates on
vascular smooth muscle cells. Experimental study”.
Attended the course of specialisation in Cardiology, University of Parma.
Presented thesis of specialisation on “Carotid Sinus Syndrome”.
Registered as a specialist in Cardiology in 1991.
Intern scholar at the Institute of Internal Medicine, Parma University.
Obtained a scholarship for the multicentric study GISSI-2 at the 1st
Cardiology Unit and Intensive Care, Arcispedale S. Maria Nuova, Reggio
- Attended the Laboratory of Electrophysiology directed by professor J.A. Salerno-Uriarte in
the following periods:
from 13/11/1995 to 27/12/1995 (Division of Cardiology, Policlinico S.Matteo, Pavia, Italy),
from 12/11/1996 to 28/12/1996 (Casa di cura Città di Pavia, Pavia, Italy),
from 15/10/1997 al 25/4/1998 and from 12/3/2000 to 12/4/2000 (Casa di cura Mater Domini,
Insubria University, Castellanza, Italy).
- Attended the Laboratory of Electrophysiology of the Hopital Cardiologique du Haut-Leveque,
Bordeaux-Pessac (France), directed by professor M. Haissaguerre in the following period:
from 19/11/2001 to 01/12/2001;
from 02/11/2003 to 15/11/2003;
from 12/11/2007 to 25/11/2007.
- Attended the Laboratory of Electrophysiology of the II. Med. Abteilung, Allgemeines
Krankenhaus St Georg, Hamburg, Germany, directed by professor Karl-Heinz Kuck in the
following period:
from 15/11/2004 to 27/11/2004.
- Attended the Laboratory of Electrophysiology of the S. Raffaele Hospital, Milan, Italy,
directed by professor Carlo Pappone in the following period:
from 21/11/2005 to 26/11/2005.
- Attended the Section of Cardiac Electrophysiology at the Cleveland Clinic Heart Center,
Cleveland, Ohio, directed by doctor Andrea Natale from November 20th through December
2nd 2006.
From December 1990 up to the current time:
Senior Registrar at the Department of Cardiology and Arrhythmologic Center, Santa Maria
Nuova Hospital, Reggio Emilia, Italy, routinely performing electrophysiologic studies, RF
catheter ablations, PM (biventricular) and ICD implants.
From 1988 to 2007: 100, between national and international journals.
Member of the A.I.A.C. (Associazione Italiana Aritmologia e Cardiostimolazione).
Member of the ANMCO (Associazione Nazionale Medici Cardiologi Ospedalieri).
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bundle branch block: A long-term study. (La progressione a blocco atrioventricolare di 2° e 3°
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