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Beet – Flat of Egypt
• Flattened, smooth roots grow to 1 1/2-2” long
and 3” wide.
• Scrumptious when roasted
New Adventures in Vegetable
By Tracey Srock, UMN Extension Master Gardener,
Crow Wing County
Suggested vegetable varieties for MN home
gardeners, Univ. of MN Ext
Brussel Sprts.
Salad Greens
Definition of Heirloom
They are always open-pollinated, passed down by a
family or group that has preserved them for
generations. Usually at least 50 years
Heirloom Varieties
Bean – Marvel of Venice
• Italian wax bean. Full of flavor
• 8-9" pods are 3/4" wide
Garden of Eden, organic available
• Delicious Italian-style,6" long
• Broad, flat, medium-green pods
• Remarkably sweet, tender flavor
Dragon’s Tongue
• One of the best multipurpose bean
• Use as a fresh snap bean or mature shelled
Hidatsu Red Indian
• A deep, brick-red bean, hearty texture, good
Broccoli – De Cicco
• A traditional Italian variety producing small, 34", main heads
• Followed by a large yield of side-shoot spears
Brussel Sprouts - Rubine
• Offers up a bountiful harvest of gorgeous 1-1
1/2 inch purple-red sprouts
• Full of wonderfully rich old-time flavor
Carrots - Oxheart
• Can weigh 1 pound or more.
• Stout and will grow to a heart-shaped 5-6
Cauliflower – Purple of Sicily
• Exceptional flavor, super nutrition, insect
• Sweet, delicious, refined flavor
Corn – Golden Bantam
• An early sweet corn that freezes well on the cob
Country Gentleman
• Rich, balanced, old-fashioned sweet corn flavor
• Well-suited to roasting, canning and slow
cooked recipes
Cucumbers – Mexican Sour Gherkin
• Combining a powerful, sweet, cucumber flavor
with a tangy, citrus twist
• 1 inch cukettes
Eggplant - Prosperosa
• The 4-5 inch fruit are meaty and mild flavored
• Texture that lends itself to all your gourmet
eggplant dishes
Kale - Toscano
• Rich, tender leaves have a softer texture than
curly green kales
• Tolerant of hot and cold weather
Lettuce – Deer Tongue, organic available
• Tongue-shaped leaves and excellent flavor
Slow to bolt
Flashy Trout
• Austrian heirloom romaine and is one of the
most prized of all varieties
• Rich buttery flavor
• Amish, forms a tight bibb-like head with a
blanched heart of yellow-green leaves
• Good buttery flavor
Melon – Minnesota Midget, organic available
• Fruit measure 4-6 inches across
• Deep orange flesh that is succulent, sweet, and
Eden’s Gem
• Green-flesh with a heavily netted rind, and
smooth, sweet-flavored flesh
• Fruits avg. 2-3 lb.
Peas – Half Pint
• Mere 6-8 inches tall, it is ideal for small spaces
or containers
• Shelling pea filled with delicious bright green
• Easy shelling 3-4 inch pods fill out nicely with
tender green peas, unmatched for fresh eating
• Sturdy, wilt-tolerant plants can reach 30 inches
Pepper – Beaver Dam
• Hungarian, yields enormous amounts of
medium-hot peppers on compact plants
• Sweet, dynamic pepper flavor shines through
the slow-building heat
Pumpkin – Marina Di Chioggia
• Blistered skin and great for pasta-making. Avg.
6-12 lb.
North Georgia
• Fantastic flavor. Maintains its superior eating
quality up to five months with proper storage.
• Large, 8-15 lb. fruits
Galeux d’ Eysines
• Unique, ornamental but also lends good flavor
to soups and stews
Tomatillo – De Milpa, organic available
• Mexican, store fresh for several weeks, handy
for fresh salsa
Tomatoes – Amish Paste, organic available
• Large for a sauce tomato, excellent flavor
Black Krim, organic available
• Russian heirloom, Black Krim combines bold,
smoky flavor
• Good texture with an unusual appearance.
Cherokee Green, organic available
• One of the best green tomatoes, medium sized
• Lots of bold, acidic, complex tomato flavor
Glacier, organic available
• Cocktail-sized, 1-2 oz. red fruits
• Sweetness combines with moderate acidity
Great White, organic available
• The 12+ oz. fruit is meaty with few seeds
• Mild non-acid flavor and creamy texture
Japanese Black Trifele, organic available
• Unusual pear shape and burgundy color
• Good yields of 4-6 oz. fruit with excellent, rich
Striped German, organic available
• The marbled interior looks beautiful sliced
• Complex, fruity flavor and smooth texture
Valencia, organic available
• Their meaty interiors have few seeds
• This midseason tomato is among the best for
flavor and texture
New for 2017
Broccoli - Appolo
• baby broccoli, developed by crossing European
broccoli with Asian
• The results are smaller, sweeter, and more
tender florets
Carrot - Purplesnax
• Sweet and mellow flavor that makes it a superb
variety for enjoying fresh
Cucumber – Picolino, organic available
• At just 4-5 inches long, the smooth-skinned,
dark green
• Crisp, juicy and mildly sweet. Early to begin
Eggplant – Patio Baby
• Well-suited for balconies, patios, and gardens
• Thin-skinned 2-3" long by 2-3" diameter fruit
with tender flavor
• perfect for grilling or roasting
Kale – Dazzling Blue, organic available
• Showy appearance
• Especially cold-tolerant, surviving sub-freezing
Kohlrabi - Konan
• Pristine, icy-green globes and sweet, crunchy,
alabaster flesh
Melon – Divergent, organic available
• 3 1/2-4 lb. heavily-netted fruits
• excellent, sweet, aromatic flavor
Pepper - Baron
• proven to produce better than others under
challenging and favorable conditions
• authentic jalapeno flavor without any of the
• large thick walled
• Big, sturdy plants have high yield potential
• Good adaptability
• large to extra-large, and suitable for green or
red harvest
• Medium-sized plants with a good leaf canopy to
protect fruits from sun scald
Pumpkin - Darling
• Upright, skin is smooth, lightly ribbed
• Ideal for painting
Squash – Autumn’s Choice
• Rich, sweet flavor for eating
• Flesh is deep orange, thick and tasty
• Full bush habit with less sprawling
• High yields with large, attractive male and
female blossoms that are ideal for edible
Squash - Payload
• Excellent disease resistant pkg keeps the plant
bearing over an extended period
Swiss Card – Fire Fresh
• Fast-growing, uniform chard is a favorite for
tender, baby leaves
Tomato – Indigo Kumquat
• Very sweet flavor with a surprising, tart kick of
• Compact, requires minimal pruning and yields
Skyway, organic available
• Large, beef-steak type
• Very good flavor and fruit quality
Watermelon – Dark Belle
• Oblong, 5-7 lb.
• Dark-green skin, bright-red flesh, thin rind, and
very sweet flavor
Personal Favorites
Dried Bean - Vermont Cranberry Dry Bean
• Arrived from England around 1825 and have
firmly established themselves as the pinnacle of
quality in a horticultural bean
• Very large beans for soups and baking
Broccoli – Bay Meadows
• It has performed extremely well under stressful
conditions from both spring and summer
• Fresh, delicious taste
• Continues to form baby heads until first frost
Carrots - Rainbow
• The flavor varies a bit with root color, but all
are tender, sweet, and flavorful
Purple Haze
• Excellent flavor, raw or cooked.
• Combines purple skin color with sweet flavor
Cucumber - Amiga
• Excellent eating qualities of spineless, thinskinned cucumbers
Eggplant – Orient Express
• The most dependable eggplant
• Has the ability to set fruit in cool weather as
well as under heat stress
• Tender, delicately flavored, and quick cooking
Peppers – Lunchbox mix, organic available
• Beautiful, mini-sized peppers are remarkably
sweet and flavorful
Peas – Super Sugar Snap
• Early yields are heavy.
• important addition of resistance to powdery
Tomatoes – Pink Bumblebee, organic available
• Pink, round cherry tomatoes are striped with
yellow and orange
• Excellent, sweet flavor
Granadero, organic available
• produces very high yields of uniform, attractive,
bright red plum tomatoes
• Thick-walled fruit are good for fresh tomato
sauces, salsas, and salads
“Heirloom Vegetables”, by Karen Russ and David
Bradshaw, Clemson Cooperative Extension
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