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Example of a Narrative Chain for
Parts of an Atom
By Brent T.
Orbit = Outside shell of Atom
I was chewing some Orbit gum. The outside shell
holds in the delicious flavors.
Electrons = particles within an atom
that carry a negative charge. The
electrons travel at great speeds and
orbit around the nucleus.
Once I chewed through the outer shell of the gum,
I received an electrifying flavorful sensation in
my mouth. With great speed, the gum lost its
flavor (negative flavor).
Nucleus = the central core of an atom,
made up of protons and neutrons.
In the center of the gum was a juicy filling creating
a second flavor blast. The flavor was delicious
Protons = tiny subatomic particles with a positive
electric charge. An atom usually has the same number of
protons in its nucleus as it has electrons outside its
Inside the flavorful filling was a tiny particle of
pop rocks that caused another electrical charge.
The flavor of pop rocks matched the flavor of
the inside of the shell.
Neutron = a subatomic particle found within the
nucleus of atoms. A neutron carries no electrical charge.
Also inside the filling was another tiny particle
which had NO flavor. So I spit it out.
The most enjoyable part of creating and displaying
this narrative chain was stretching my imagination.
The challenge that I faced in creating this narrative
chain was coming up with a story line to go with a
topic that I was studying.
Some ideas that I have right now for narrative chains
in other subject areas are learning the presidents of
the United States and the order of operations in