Download Aqua Sierra, Inc. ATTN: Kendra Holmes 9094 S. Hwy. 285 Morrison

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Aqua Sierra, Inc.
ATTN: Kendra Holmes
9094 S. Hwy. 285
Morrison, Colorado 80465
16th October 2016
Dear Kendra Holmes and the ASI Team,
My name is Cameron Fletcher and I am currently finishing up my Master’s in Aquatic Ecology with plans to
defend my thesis in mid-December, and move out to Denver shortly after. From browsing your website, your
fisheries and water quality consulting firm is just what I am looking for to start my career. Please see my
attached resume for information about my qualifications.
I grew up in Annapolis, Maryland where school programs with The Chesapeake Bay Foundation initially
sparked my interest in aquatic systems. I continued my education at the University of Michigan where I
studied Environmental Science with a concentration in Fish/Aquatics and a minor in Oceanography. At the
University of Michigan Biological Station, I conducted research on the effect of Zebra Mussels on the
movement of aquatic snails. To further my education in fisheries and aquatic ecology, I currently attend the
University of Illinois, studying the effects of Asian carp on Bluegill as well as observing variation in their
recruitment along different habitats of the Illinois River.
Throughout my education, I have gained valuable professional experiences through a wide range of jobs and
internships. My time with Maryland Department of Natural resources has provided me with expertise on the
Chesapeake Bay, Maryland’s expansive river and stream network, as well as the Atlantic Ocean. Additionally,
working for the United States Geological Survey has allowed me to gain valuable experience on the Great
Lakes. In conjunction with my current expertise of Illinois waters, I believe my range of fisheries knowledge
would be well used at a firm such as Aqua Sierra Inc. and would transfer well into the systems of the western
United States.
I am extremely drawn to your firm’s devotion to sound scientific management, as I am a scientist by training,
and have been searching for a career path enabling me to utilize my expertise in aquatic/environmental
science without sacrificing my love for fish. Aqua Sierra Inc. seems like an extremely unique opportunity to
foster my career goals and I believe I have the education, creativity, motivation, and problem solving skills to
be a contributing member of the ASI team. Thank you in advance for considering me for any available
Cameron Fletcher
415 ½ N Neil St.
Champaign, IL