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Anatomy of the Human Eye
Anterior of the Human Eye in the Unaccomodated
and Accomodated state
Myopia and Other Refractive Errors
Structure of the Retina
Structure of the Retina
Structural Differences Between Rods and Cones
Retinal Pigment Epithelium
Color Vision
The Range of Luminance Values Over Which the
Visual System Operates
Diagrammatic Cross Section Through the Human
Acuity vs Sensitivity
Light Hyperpolarizes Rods & Cones
Light Closes Sodium Channels
Light Will Increase or Decrease Firing of Ganglion
On & Off Ganglion Cells
Activity of an On-Center Ganglion Cell
Contrast in Field Elicits Greatest Effect
Information Processing in the Retina
Circuitry that Generates Receptive Field Center
Responses of Retinal Ganglion Cells
Receptive Field Surround
Types of Ganglion Cells
P cell = high resolution,
M cell = transient signals,
Movement of objects
Central Projections of Retinal Ganglion Cells
Projection of the Visual Fields onto the Retinas
Projection of the Binocular Field of View Relates to
Crossing of Fibers in Optic Chiasm
Visuotopic Organization in the Right Occipital Lobe
Course of the Optic Radiation to the Striate Cortex
Mixing of Pathways from the Two Eyes First Occurs
in the Sriate Cortex
Magno-, parvo-, and koniocellular pathways
Striate Cortex Organization
Neurons in the Primary Visual Cortex Respond
Selectively to Oriented Edges
Neurons in the Primary Visual Cortex Respond
Selectively to Oriented Edges
Columnar Organization of Orientation Selectivity in
the Monkey Striate Cortex
Orientation Preference in Striate Cortex
Organization of the Dorsal and Ventral Visual
Extraocular eye muscles
Cranial nerves
Eyes right!
Superior Colliculus
Horizontal Gaze Center