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WWF Malaysia is running a My Fin My Life Campaign and is trying to get
corporate entities to pledge that they will stop supporting the trade and
promotion of sharks fins and shark products by way of signing a
corporate pledge. Their aim is 1 million consumer pledges
<> and 500 corporate pledges to show restaurants
that it makes sense to take sharks fins off the menu as more and more
people are demanding the trade stops.
A total of 16 countries have a shark fin trade ban, while 31 countries have
a finning ban, meaning sharks must be landed with the fins (either attached
or not).
WWF-Malaysia is inviting us to join hands with them and their campaign
partners to end the consumption and trade of shark fin in Malaysia. This
campaign, My Fin My Life, aims to engage 20,000 restaurants, 1,000,000
consumers and 500 corporations to pledge to not participate in the trade
and consumption of shark fin.
Our sharks are currently being slaughtered at alarming and unsustainable
rates to meet insatiable consumer demand for shark fin soup. Millions of
sharks are killed each year and many of the shark species are listed as
threatened or near threatened with extinction by the International Union
for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. Sharks are considered a
“keystone” species; if they are absent, the marine ecosystem loses its
Penfabric has joined this noble cause and we have pledged the
1. We will not consume shark fins and shark products.
2. We will encourage our stakeholders to not consume and not promote
shark fin and shark products
3. We will support positive change for sustainable seafood.
Henceforth, all our official dinners and meals will be Fin Free as this has
become Penfabric Corporate policy.
At the same time, we encourage our associates to go Fin Free in their private meals as well.
Please click the below for more details :
WWF MY Shark