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What We Did In Class:
Date: 5/19/16-5/20/16
Notes and/or Classwork:
DO NOW: Flip chart
1. Shark shirts
Chordate coloring packet
Work to be checked/handed in:
(This is homework that was checked. You will need to
show/hand it in to Mrs. Blackledge within two days of your absence. If handing in a worksheet, please
include your name and the date that it was checked.)
1. Shark Coloring on 5/20
Tests or Quizzes:
(It is entirely your responsibility to set up a time with Mrs. Blackledge to make
up any quizzes or tests that you missed. You will receive a zero on any quiz or test that is not made up.)
1. None
(Be sure to complete these and show/hand them directly to Mrs.
Blackledge within two days of your absence. If they are not handed in, you will receive a zero for them.)
1. Study
2. T shirts for 5/19-5/20
3. Shark coloring 5/20
1. Shark week tshirts 5/19-5/20
2. Shark week 5/23-5/27
1. None
(Take one of each from behind this page.)